Priceless!!! Tea Party Mailer Depicts Rove as “Reichsfuhrer K. Rove”

roveOops!  A Tea Party fundraising mailer contained this image of Karl Rove.  Rove, as we’ve heard, has mounted an effort to take out the Tea Party as an influence on the Republican Party.  Nine of nine Tea Party candidates for the United States Senate lost elections in 2012.   The money behind the Republican Party is not pleased.  Major defense contractors, other corporate big wigs, and long term operatives are appalled that they can’t pick up the phone and tell their minions in Congress what to do.

The threat of sequestration by Congress, forced budget cutting due to the failure to pass a budget or continuing resolution is a very big deal.  An estimated one million jobs will be lost and the cost of defense contracts is in the tens of billions.  Those costs, just for starters, are due to the Tea Party members of the House of Representatives.  They are out of control and won’t back down.

Rove’s effort had to happen and, now that it’s started, it had to end up taking this path.  There’s no substance to the political differences between Tea Partiers and corporate interests intent on gouging the public.  That’s because neither side is dealing with real issues.  The Tea Party folks are mad at everything, government, immigrants, their spouses, etc.  The corporatists are all for the rhetoric of attack but greed is their motive.  They were just fine with Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II budget deficits.

So now it’s a grudge match.  Which side will win?  Neither side.  This is the Götterdämmerung of political grudge matches. It may destroy the Republicans for a couple of election cycles.  But Democrats shouldn’t gloat.  They’ll get 100%* their fair share of  responsibility for the disasters stacked up and ready to land on all of us.

*(100% is wrong, not my intent, must have been some tainted horse meat in my TV dinner;)  Thanks Synoia)

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  • They’ll get 100% responsibility for the disasters stacked up and ready to land on all of us.

    Why? You’ve presented a conclusion without the accompanying proof.

    • Actually there’s no conclusion there either. There is a description of some conclusions, “disasters,” but unless he enumerates the disasters then there’s no conclusion either.

      So lets start from the top disasters and work down. So will the Democrats get 100% of the blame for Climate Change? Me, I don’t see how the Republicans don’t get at least some.

      Financial melt down would be next. I am assuming that an ordinary recession caused by premature austerity would not count as a disaster, just a very bad time. As for melt down I don’t see it yet. Not in and of itself. Yes a Climate Change caused financial melt down is possible, but that would be a Climate Change disaster not a financial one. So yes, you would be right to dispute that as a conclusion without proof.

      Fukushima #4 collapse is a real possible disaster. Again it’s hard to see the Democrats getting all that disaster blame.

      This exercise is actually getting harder for me than I thought. So yeah, lets hear folks’ ideas for upcoming disasters. The 100% claim will probably be a foolish over exaggeration but I’d be willing to accept 75% as counting as a “disaster” for the Democrats in the responsibility blame game.

      • The D’s will get blamed for the results of Citizens United, ALEC and the Heritage Foundation’s pronouncements?

        Bohner’s, Cantor’s and McConnell’s gyrations in our Federal Legislature?

        The Tea Party’s results?

        Red state economies?

        The war on Women?

        The lack of progress on immigration reform (and 22 million new D voters)?

        You still think 75% of the blame for the Ds?

    • You’re right, unless you see the proof as self-evident. This was an impressionistic post. Besides, the article made me laugh. Big money funded Freedomworks to sir up trouble for Obama, particularly on health care and the grassroots movement was born. Come to think of it, they were not “all” to blame. Kucinich hung in there, as did a few others on key issues. But, as long as I can recall, let’s say from the repeal of Glass-Steagall, Congress has been a conspiracy to defraud.

  • So the Tea party believes both Rove and Obama to be Hitler?

    That’s very clever. As we all know both Rove and Obama have exactly the same political agenda.

    • Some Tea Party folks think Obama is Hitler, perhaps, but a lot of them think he’s a Marxist bent on world government. Supposedly, he’s working with the mega capitalists to achieve this goal.

      This is from Freedomworks, Dick Armey’s operation and the inventors of the Tea Party. It claims he’s a Marxist. Good grief, I’m not a fan but “moderate Republican” seems a lot closer than Marxist.

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