Perry Again Refuses To Implement State Health Exchange In Texas

It beggars belief that Texas, a state where far more people than average will benefit from Obama’s healthcare reforms, continues to back Republicans who will play politics with their health.

Ahead of a Friday deadline to decide, Gov. Rick Perry’s office has reaffirmed that Texas will not implement a major tenet of federal health reform — a state-based online marketplace for consumers to purchase coverage.

That means the federal government will have to roll out a program for Texas instead. Every state must have an exchange by 2014, the year “Obamacare” — which many Republicans had hoped would be repealed if Mitt Romney won the presidency — requires most Americans to carry coverage.

Allison Castle, Perry’s spokeswoman, said Texas won’t design its own exchange because there is “really no such thing as a ‘state exchange.’”

“This is a federally mandated exchange that must be approved by the Obama administration, and will dictate the rules states must follow,” she said. “Texas will not be a subcontractor to Obamacare.”

State Rep. Garnet Coleman, D-Houston, said of Perry’s intransigence and the federal exchange that will now be put in place – “Guess what? One monkey don’t stop no show.” Given that Texas is the state with the highest rate of uninsured individuals overall, and the highest rate of uninsured children, that’s a good thing.

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