Only Losers Use Drudge

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The story behind the image: an item about Joe Biden mentioning possible “executives orders, there’s executive action that can be taken” on guns. For someone who’s spent so much time on gun legislation, Biden’s awfully ignorant of the terms that drive Second Amendment defenders crazy. Their natural conclusion: Obama will use executive orders to ban guns!

A problem: Obama can’t actually do that.


Related: ICYMI — Matty’s main man Alex Jones, in all his frothing, dyspeptic glory (U mad bro?):

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  • Drudge has one claim to fame – he helped incite Republican’s to bring own a President. His site is filled with hate mongering headlines and photos that don’t have to actually relate to the article they link to. For instance, “Clinton named father of the year” with that photo of the President and Lewinsky, in a crowd.

    His aim is to create hate and discontent. Truth is unimportant. He doesn’t report, he mines other sites for sensational articles, using National Explorer type tactics.

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