Obama’s personal role in a journalist’s imprisonment

Glenn Greenwald | Mar 14 | SALON

Jeremy Scahill, The Nation”˜s national security correspondent, is easily one of America’s best and most intrepid journalists. He spends his time in dangerous places in order to uncover what the U.S. Government is doing around the world. He often produces vital scoops that, during the Obama presidency, are ”” for reasons often recounted here ”” largely ignored by the American establishment media and both political parties. In July of last year, he returned from Mogadishu and documented the Obama administration’s maintenance and proxy operation of secret CIA-run prisons in Somalia of the type that caused so much controversy during the Bush administration and which Obama supporters like to claim the President ended, and last month he returned from tribal regions in Yemen and detailed how U.S. civilian-killing drone strikes (along with its support for Yemeni despots) are the single most important cause fueling Al Qaeda’s growth in that country. But his newest article ”“ describing President Obama’s personal, direct role in ensuring the ongoing imprisonment of a Yemeni journalist ”“ may be his most important one yet; even for those inured to the abuses of the Obama administration, it’s nothing short of infuriating.

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  • given Obama’s parents ties with the CIA. For all his liberal posturing, Obama is a national security hawk. The GOP knows this too, and that’s why they haven’t been able to play the “soft on terrorism” card against him.

    Look at how the special ops have mushroomed under Obama: the fact is, he loves secret warfare and covert ops. And the fact is, it plays very well internationally. Nobody wants to be on the wrong side of the the American vast secret-warfare and covert-ops machine. It’s not a nice place to be, for an individual, or for a whole third world government either.

    While he puts out big ads about imploring voters to “help the Obama Family fight for working Americans” he’s monitoring dozens of special secret warfare ops all over the planet.

    And silencing whistleblowers and journalists is, of course, an integral part of any special ops mission.

    Secrecy, and a propaganda cloud-cover set the environment in which secret warfare can be effective. And secret warfare is one of the most devastating ways to decimate an enemy, be it a journalist, or a whole state. You can inflict damage that the enemy cannot possibly recover from, all the while sweet-talking your voting constituency into believing you are some kind of a liberal.

    Obama is the best we have seen at it yet. He’s already accomplishing tasks that Cheney and Co would have totally flubbed up with their hubris and sloppy bombast.

    Obama is ten times cooler than Bush Co, and several orders of magnitude more effective when it comes to special ops and secret warfare than they could have dreamed of being.

    And everyone who still wants to think Obama is a good guy needs to know these things.

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