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crybabyPresident Barack Obama is so busy being a crybaby by proxy that he’s missing some excellent political opportunities. Let me qualify that  by making one thing perfectly clear.  Obama’s utter neglect of the true numbers of unemployed; his failure to prosecute Wall Street crooks; his disappearing act on climate change; and, the war crimes against the Libya and Syria demonstrate that he’s not just doing bad things, he is fully qualified as a bad person.

Having said that, there are some interesting political developments that deserve attention, developments that Obama could exploit to the hilt if he wasn’t such a crybaby about national security and foreign affairs. (Image: loneyvs)

The deficit is going down, significantly. The deficit will be about $400 billion less than 2012 with surpluses over $112 billion in April and June. For the first seven months of the current fiscal year, the deficit is down 32%. Modest employment increases, increased taxes on the rich, and some effect of the sequester account for this. Why isn’t Obama all over the place touting this?  And, why isn’t he pushing jobs as hard as he can?

The Affordable Healthcare Act (aka Obamacare) might actually turn out to be just that. An historical trend of slower increases in medical costs comes just as the Health Exchanges for Obamacare go into effect. Exchanges are the point of purchase for those of us who buy health insurance direct from insurance companies — the self employed, very small businesses, entrepreneurs, or anyone else without employer provided health insurance.

The leveling trend in costs intersects with Obamacare’s insurance premium subsidy (welfare for health insurers) based on a multiplier of the individual or family poverty level.  A family of four, two children, two adults, no smokers with an annual income of $84,000 will pay $6,100  per year or so for a quality health plan. That’s truly affordable (see Kaiser Foundation calculator)..  The self employed, small business owners will notice the difference.since the direct purchase rates, right now, are through the roof.

Obama should be all over this, chiding those who want to repeal the plan and jumping up and down on Neanderthal governors who opted out of the Exchange program (citizens those states will use a Federal plan).  This program is so much better than what the self-employed suffer through now, there will be a huge political dividend…if Obama bothers to make the case.  But he’s not.

Unfortunately, the White House is all about foreign military actions, unconstitutional spying on civilians and snooping into the communications of friends and foes alike.

It is crybaby rhetoric, pure and simple.  Obama doesn’t do the boo-hooing himself.  He has proxies.

Here is proxy extraordinaire Susan Rice telling the UN that “The United States is disgusted….”  This is a profound distortion of the facts of the that NATO, Gulf states attack on Syria:

When Obama doesn’t get his way, it’s hit the street with some serious whining by a proxy crybaby.

Rice was bad but Samantha Powers, the nominee to replace Rice as UN Ambassador, is another major crybaby. Here she goes: (ABC News, July 17)

Samantha Power, President Obama’s nominee to be the next United States ambassador to the U.N., spoke bluntly about Syria at her Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday. Power called the ongoing conflict, which the U.N. estimates has killed more than 90,000 people and produced 1.8 million refugees, “one of the most devastating cases of mass atrocity” she has ever seen.

“I don’t know that I can recall a leader who has, in a way, written a new playbook for brutality in terms of the range of grotesque tactics that the Assad regime has employed in response to a democratic uprising,” she told members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

This crybaby proxy has a histrionic flair.  The Syrian conflict is devastating but who started it?  Where did they start it?  Who funds the conflict allowing it to continue.  The peaceful demonstrations against Bashar al-Assad were turned into a military rebellion with the help of weapons and foreign fighters to which  the United States turned a blind eye.  The U.S. provided millions in nonlethal aid which helped sustain the fight.  The battle ground chosen by the rebels consisted of Syrian cities, a fact Powers leaves out.  What did she think, that Assad would just surrender.  The 90,000 dead due to the conflict are due to those who sustained the conflict and that includes the United States.

ABC quotes Powers: “We see the failure of the U.N. Security Council to respond to the slaughter in Syria – a disgrace that history will judge harshly,” she said.

Forget history, right now, people are  judging every power and every leader that fomented the slaughter, including, at the head of the pack, her boss, the president.  What’s her problem?  Oh, right, she’s a professional crybaby for Obama, one sided and immune from rational considerations.

But it’s not all histrionics. This is low grade crybaby whining from the White House. Press Secretary Jay Carney on Russian asylum for Edward Snowden (August 1, CBS)

Poor Carney.  He’s clearly saddened and holding back a more emo reaction to the Russians.  Why the sad face and whining?  Because, the Obama administration didn’t get its way with Russia.  They want Snowden in the worst way?  For what, a rendition, water boarding,  to suffer the humiliations inflicted on Bradley Manning when he was confined to a military prison?

Obama’s foreign policy stinks.  He sides with the backwards elements in the Middle East, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt; and he’s on the same side as Al Qaeda linked fighters in Syria.  He’s did his pivot to the Pacific Rim to engage China.  That means conflict rather than cooperation.  Thanks to forcing down the official airplane of the president of Bolivia, Latin American leaders in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and even Columbia have taken strong stands against him.

Give up the overseas adventures, Mr. President.  Stick around here and work much harder on unemployment and healthcare.  If you want a foreign adventure, be truly “global” by fighting as hard as you can for a response to species threatening (human species) climate change.

And please, get rid of those proxy crybabies.


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  • The rates quoted for health insurance on the “exchanges” are based on the assumption that the majority of presently uninsured, healthy people will sign up for insurance as required by the “health care reform” act, which has almost nothing to do with health care and everything to do with health insurance. That is a somewhat shaky assumption and if it does not happen, if large numbers make the smarter economic choice to pay the minor penalty and eschew insurance, then those rates will not hold up, but will shoot up rapidly. Even so, with things as they stand, I agree with your point that Obama should be touting success on this. I would be criticising him for it if he did, but your criticism of him for not doing it is also valid. That sounds like I’m contradicting myself, but I stand by it.

    Other than that, you make a rather profound and intersting evaluation of his leadership here.

    I would add that after 4+ years of killing men, women and children with unmanned drones in half a dozen nations with whom we are not at war, claiming repeatedly to have killed Al Queda’s top leaders, saying that we have Al Queda on the run and that they have been reduced by 12 years of war to a remnant, why are we now closing embassies and issuing travel warnings because a large portion of the planet has been made unsafe for Americans to be due to an Al Queda threat?

    • I wondered the same when I heard about the embassy closings. Of course, nobody wants anything to happen but it is a comment, I believe, on the ongoing bad will created around the world by bullying and killing.

      The Exchanges will be interesting. You make good points about the assumptions. I was highly critical of the Obama health plan for a number of reasons. The subsidy for the exchanges is the detail of the broader criticism which was/is – this program is a bailout of sorts for the health care insurers after they ran out of steam. They’d “consolidated” and gouged (the direct purchasers) and were toast. But the way the exchange works, they get cash up front, every month to subsidize single or family direct purchasers. That’s good for the insured but a real waste of money. More welfare.

      The real squeeze will hit in two years or so when enough people have signed up to create a supply crisis. We don’t have enough doctors. There have been few new medical schools started in the past decades. There will be people in the unserved areas with insurance but no doctors. Maybe we’ll have the physician equivalent of Russian brides. Nurse Practitioners and Physicians Assistants will become much more important. There’s an innovative program in NYC using voice-video-internet for initial visits. They’re finding that they can do a lot this way and the treatment outcomes are equal to in person visits. The efficiencies are incredible.

      • “The efficiencies are incredible.” Health care should not be about efficiency.

        Health care without an in-person visit? No thank you.

        Which is why my neurologist, at age 56, left the medical practice. He simply could no longer deal with the endless and aggressive drive for “efficiency.” He has been treating me for 14 years and since I have Parkinson’s Disease, and suffer from migraines and ministrokes, that was a big loss for me. I am now searching for a neurologist in whom I can develop an equal level of trust. Big task.

        Not a fan of “health care reform,” although my reasons are not about me, but are societal. The reform was a giveaway to health insurance industry, and benefits to consumer are marginal at best and to a large degree illusory.

  • I would add that we are still at war in Afghanistan, according to repeated statements issued by Obama, for the purpose to “deny them space in which to plan their attacks,” so apparently they can plan attacks in spaces other than Afghanistan.

    Jeez, who could have predicted that?

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