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at The Agonist…, but now has his own blog under his real name of Garret Glass…, has a great piece up over there:

It’s Time To Destroy the Republican Party

A few quotes:

The title of this article is not simply a cri de coeur – an emotional appeal to exterminate one of the two major American political parties. It is a simple statement of fact. Something must be done, and soon, if the United States is going to get serious about climate change. But that is not going to happen if the American people – especially those who are able to vote – don’t get serious about climate change as well, and demand accountability for those who have stood in the way of scientific fact, and of reason, by denying that climate change is a man-made crime not just against humanity, but against all living things on this planet. In the United States, the wellspring of climate change denial is the Republican Party. Yes, the Republicans have enablers, men like Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes who for decades have used their media outlets, especially Fox News, to peddle lie after lie about what is happening to the climate and why. There are billionaires like the Koch brothers, and fossil fuel purveyors, such as Exxon-Mobil, who hide behind shell organizations like Donors Trust and Donors Capital Fund, which fund “scientific” studies that attempt to debunk legitimate climate change science.

The collapse of the Republican Party into delusion and a profound disconnect from reality started under the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Reagan was an actor – he understood the power of story-telling, but he was prone to hypocrisy, exaggeration, and factual misstatements. He presented himself as a religious person with high moral standards, but his personal life involved a messy divorce and dysfunctional relationships with his children. He would tell stories about welfare queens driving in Cadillacs to the state aid office to pick up their welfare checks, and the story always resonated well with whites who resented “uppity” blacks who didn’t know their place. But the story was false; no one could identify any such situation, just as no one could credit Reagan with the “science” behind his more ludicrous claims, such as trees causing pollution.

Incompetence then became the hallmark of the most recent Republican administration. The minute George Bush and Dick Cheney took office, they swept through the bureaucracy of the federal government, forcing out thousands of experienced officials who were perceived to have Democratic leanings. The consequence of losing so much talent was seen when Hurricane Katrina struck; FEMA had no officials on staff who had practical experience with a natural emergency. The same situation developed at the Securities and Exchange Commission, which was put under the leadership of Christopher Cox, a California House member with no experience in the financial markets. But he didn’t need any, because his mandate was to fire as many regulators on his staff as possible, which he did, because – of course – Republicans don’t believe in government or government regulation. The market can solve all problems, except that it couldn’t when in 2008 the financial markets blew up as a result of the housing bubble collapse. The federal government was completely blindsided when this occurred – “no one could see this coming,” was the excuse the Bush administration used.

Nothing, of course, speaks of incompetence more than the invasion of Iraq in 2003, which has become the nation’s greatest foreign policy blunder and an act of hubris, and outright fantasy on the part of the Bush administration, that is playing out even today with dangerous consequences for the world.

A “MUST” read in my opinion…, right on Numerian…, write on.

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  • Hey Scott, thanks for the link. I’ve put settings on my website that require I approve all comments first, just to get rid of spam. But I’ll check in here as well to respond to any comments on the Agonist.

  • Agree 100%; however, why not include the democrats?
    That America is a two party system is an illusion, a myth, IMO.
    Obama is just a different version of Bush.
    The fact is; America is an oligarchy having little or nothing to do with democracy.

    • I agree. I would hope all voters would look carefully at all Democrats to make sure they are selecting someone committed to urgent action on climate change solutions. Personally, I left the Democratic Party in 2012 when I couldn’t vote for Barack Obama after his failure to live up to so many of his campaign promises. There are usually other candidates on the ballot besides the two major parties, and write-ins are a good option as well.

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