Now Hillary Clinton’s Up For A Peace Award Too

Giving Barack Obama a Nobel Peace Prize, in anticipation that he wouldn’t be the hawkish leader who would try (but fail) to perpetuate a US troop presence in Iraq, try to keep troops in Afghanistan for another decade and start a slew of new US wars in Africa, was dumb enough – but now neoliberal hawk Hillary Clinton is up for a peace award too.

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton has been nominated for a peace award just  days after visiting Ireland.

A short list of five people have been released for the 2012 Tipperary  International Peace Award.

Pakistani schoolgirl Malala Yousafzai who was shot earlier this year,  president of the Indian National Congress Sonia Ghandi, former Kenyan journalist  John Githongo and Pax Christi International, a non-profit Catholic peace  movement, have also made the list.

The award winner will be announced on January 1.

Previous recipients include former South African president Nelson Mandela,  former Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev, former US president Bill Clinton and  last year’s recipients former president of Ireland, Professor Mary McAleese and  her husband Senator Martin McAleese.


4 comments to Now Hillary Clinton’s Up For A Peace Award Too

  • hidflect

    Another trinket trophy to help Madame AIPAC’s run for 2016? Oh, I hope not.

  • What a revolting thought. The foundation will regret it. HRC may be on hand for the final blow against Syria, you know the part where the US and the UK smash the rubble and completely wipe the country off the modern map.

    Reminds me of when W gave the useless Tenet the ‘freedom award’ or whatever they call it.


    If any of these world destroyers had any guts, they’d give themselves the award, Napoleon style;)

  • adrena

    I don’t understand why so much vitriol is directed at Clinton. Doesn’t she take orders from Obama?

    • Theoretically. But the truth is that the administration (any administration) is the scene of a continual turf fight for budget and clout by various departments and factions across departments. Clinton is the head of one of the most infuential factions within this administration, by virtue of her deep contacts through her own campaign and her husband’s past staffers. She sets the agenda as much as she is guided by it.

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