No wonder they don't repel bullets.

It seems the “made in USA” flag patches on our US troops’ uniforms aren’t really made in the USA.

Federal prosecutors said Moritz Embroidery Works in Coolbaugh Township, near Mount Pocono, contracted with the U.S. military to make more than three million American flag patches, but prosecutors say that didn’t happen. . . . Prosecutors claim that “somewhere else” was a company in Thailand. By doing that, Moritz reportedly broke the “Buy American Act”, a law that’s supposed to keep the military from buying clothes made somewhere other than the United States.

Sniff. Reminds me of my first after-school job (after paperboy), when I worked for the gift shop in town in the run up to Christmas. I sat in the basement, taking the “Made in Japan” stickers off the plastic Madonnas.

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  • Sitting at a sewing machine in a federal correction facility at Tucson, Arizona sewing hundreds of crotch-patches a day into the seat of US military fatigues.

    Making 22 cents an hour.

    With a tooth ache and no pain meds.

    Wonder where all those good jobs went?

    I did inhale.

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