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I am not happy to read this on The Agonist Facebook page:


Ever since Diaries were never turned on, obviously a sign of distrust of the community, and some serious old vs new posters cock-fighting, I have felt that The Agonist had lost a great deal as a vibrant open and accepting community.

Some answers from the new owner/s would be appreciated. Thanks, Graham.

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  • Graham, you’re an idiot.

    Ever since Diaries were never turned on, obviously a sign of distrust of the community

    You asked me about this before, and I explained that we couldn’t get member diaries or forums to work on WP at the time without opening them to spammers too. You accepted that explanation to my face at the time, you back-stabbing git. As it happens, the new release of Buddypress this month was expected to fix the problem. Ah well.

    Agonist had lost a great deal as a vibrant open and accepting community.

    How is a community with no registration open? As for accepting – well, your hostility is now out in the open after making nice to my face. I suspected as much from several allusive comments you never backed up with anything forthright before. The truth is the old Agonist was a stagnant and shrinking pond, destined to dry out through attrition over time, and we found a way to open it up again – an imperfect one, but we were still working on it.

    Oh and “new” owners? To my certain knowledge, they’ve owned the site for two maybe three years and were paying S-P a monthly to be EiC. Few knew until I spilled the beans a year ago. Work it out.

    Take your sanctimonious faux concern and shove it up your ass, Graham. Maybe you should be new EiC, see if you can do any better. Best of luck.

  • BuddyPress doesn’t work with Atahualpa, the WordPress theme, we choose for Agonist. That’s why the Diaries, etc. were broken. We discovered this only after a couple of weeks of trying to determine the problem. The Diaries, user pages, etc. are in BuddyPress. The rest of the blog is in WordPress. They are not compatible.

    The upcoming version of BuddyPress is supposed to work with all themes regardless of how they are done. Atahualpha has a huge installed base so it’s odd it BuddyPress doesn’t work with it now.

  • Graham, you mischief maker;) I can’t find the damn kitty cartoon stuff you sent me, so this will have to serve as a distraction for the heaviness. And, now for something completely different, the harbinger of the party that will serve this country and others well…

  • Ah, now that is a real Agonist conversation again , abuse ,splintering glass and all !

    For lurkers who wonder-

    Those who write don’t own the site or any future alternative use of it or its name or our posts.

    At this point we each just have our memories and the agonist archive:

    Please support other progressive sites such as those listed on the left border .

    ( So, with hat tip to the Graham of long ago, heading off the stage)

    “I’m an Agonist and I’m ok
    I posts all night and I sleeps all day”

    Best to all,


  • I don’t know how many knew, but I did. Steve told me and I had assessed that something like that had occurred due to changes in the copyright statement way down at the bottom of the old site some years back and what I found when I ran the names involved to ground. I didn’t say anything publicly because frankly it’s a nuclear move – one that could unintentionally do a lot of damage. Steve and the rest of the crew frankly deserved the freedom of action to try and develop things in whatever direction they chose without me adding something that potentially explosive into the mix. They were willing to work their asses off to try to do something. Given that my professional life has been going absolutely batshit insane, I couldn’t help with that – but I could keep my mouth shut and make a measurable difference. So I did.

    This was not a matter of a lack of trust. This is a matter of community not being there in sufficient density to support the cultural practice of acceptance and openness. It is difficult for the same set of old farts to be vibrant over an extended period.

    I wouldn’t hold my breath on the owners. They seem to me to be more of the absentee landlord variety.

  • wow, that explains a lot.
    my favorite incarnation is still the old free wheelin’ forum.

    but also the halcyon days of Ian and Stirling’s respective burnouts,
    which in my mind coincided w/ SP’s world tour,
    the soon to implode financial system posts of Numerian,
    and always the consistently excellent backbone of news posts by Candy/Tina, moley and Raja.

    It was probably a good time to sell, as it appears to be worth $142 now.

    (strange it was $4,890 yesterday?)

    but it’s registered by Canadians? WTF is with you people?
    Proaxis Media Inc.
    403-171 Donald Street
    Winnipeg, R3C4H8
    Telephone: +1.2049890012
    Email: lschafer@pointof

    Why will no one say who the owners are? I’m getting the feeling they must be a market research company.

  • @JPD:
    The owners do indeed appear to have a rentier rather than a capitalist mindset in that they are reluctant to invest in the site. Their arms-length management may shoot them in the foot – waiting until the last day to talk to Steve, never even contacting Matt. It will be interesting to see what happens now without an editor actively developing the site and driving for traffic.

    The copyright notice at the bottom of the page seems to preclude taking posts beyond ‘fair use’. Since none of us except Steve were paid (and thus not writing ‘for hire’), I suspect if it came to a lawsuit between the owners and me over my posts, I’d win – assuming I had the funds to fight them – and assuming I gave a rat’s ass about it. (I’m more in the style of Yevtushenko who used to write poems on scraps of paper and stick them to branches for others to find/read/enjoy – “there’s plenty more where those come from”.)

    There are 3 admins now: ‘polizeros’, myself and the hosting company’s techie.
    I will check in now and then and may comment but won’t be writing any new posts.
    The posts by Steve, Matt and myself and the various comments speak for themselves.
    Other authors and contributors will make their own decisions.
    It’s not up to us to turn out the lights (but yes, it would be fun).

  • Graham has asked me to post his twitter address for those who wish to stay in touch with him.

    He says he is upset that he has contributed unwittingly to pushing Steve even further to the wall and that it was not his intent.

    I’d say we forget what has transpired and that we will always remember Graham for the great bloke he is, from down under, and whose many contributions to the Agonist are immeasurable.


  • So that’s why the diaries are gone. Was wondering about this. Back in the days I blogged a bit about science in my diary and was astounded when one of my posts was actually promoted to the front-page. These early experiences gave me the comfort level to start my own sciency blog. Very sad to see the Agonist circling the drain like this. This site always had a distinctive community.

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