New Polish Parliament Seizes Media Control

“The Rape of Poland”

Poland has rejoined the list of countries where the state has undue influence on what its citizens hear, and sometimes more importantly, what they don’t hear. Meetings next week will determine how much pressure the EU will put on the new parliament to undo some of its more draconian policy announcements.

via The Economist: “SINCE parliamentary elections in October, Poland’s far-right Law and Justice party (PiS) has controlled the country’s presidency and both chambers of parliament. It has spent its first two months in power tightening its grip over the security services, the constitutional tribunal and the civil service. Now it is purging the country’s public media. On December 31st parliament ignored a letter of concern from the European Union and passed an amendment to Poland’s media law that sacks the management of the public television and radio broadcasters, TVP1 and Polskie Radio, and empowers the treasury minister to appoint their successors.”

Many media heads and staff have preemptively resigned as their organizations face loss of integrity and credibility.


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  • Hi handsome, thanks for posting this. I have no time for news junkie pursuits the last couple years but this story is about my people (ethnicity), and I have to be able to talk with relatives from time to time.

    (I even, gasp, let the NYT subscription run out, and now they want $90 back payment from me, go figure, after working as unpaid promoter for so many years. That dashboard post tally you set up sure is an embarrassment in my case, hah.)

    I’m pleased you took this place over. I’ll be watching.

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