NATO Head thinks we’re all idiots

Amid news that the US and other NATO partners are looking favorably on Turkey’s request to be sent US-made patriot missiles, NATO Secretary-General Anders Fogh Rasmussen wants us to believe the following:

Such a deployment would  augment Turkey’s air defence capabilities to defend the population and  territory of Turkey. It would contribute to the de-escalation of the  crisis along NATO’s south-eastern border. And it would be a concrete  demonstration of Alliance solidarity and resolve.

In its letter, the Turkish  government stressed that the deployment will be defensive only, and that  it will in no way support a no-fly zone or any offensive operation.

Patriot missiles are useless for stopping mortar and artillery shells, great against aircraft and large missiles. It seems to me that the only believable scenario in which Syria’s embattled regime might launch those at Turkish territory is in fact one where a no-fly zone effort or offensive operation to set up safe havens was launched by Turkey. In such a case, Syria might even consider using its chemical weapons and those Patriots would suddenly be very useful indeed. But to suggest that Syria might suddenly take leave of its senses and launch aircraft or missiles at Turkey for no reason whatsoever, precipitating instant war with NATO, is to beggar credibility. If NATO is sending Patriot missiles to Turkey, then they’ve some plan up their sleeve.

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  • In all likelihood, they’re not worried about the regime launching – they’re worried about what might happen if the regime loses surity over the weapons. One can readily envision a number of scenarios where an unauthorized launch would be intended to provoke actions against the Syrian government.

      • I don’t think this is unlikely at all. NATO / the west have been extremely consistent in their messaging on the WMD issue – both domestic regime use and loss of surety have been consistently identified as redlines. The Syrian opposition isn’t stupid and in their relations with the west they have consistently hoped to have the west do the heavy lifting for them. Extending to running this sort of thing as a con isn’t a big stretch and the regime has been conspicuously less than competent in areas that we previously would not have credited.

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