Most women oppose having to register for the draft

Rasmussen – A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that while 61% of male voters believe women should be required to register for the draft, only 38% of female voters agree. Most women (52%) oppose such a requirement, and 10% more are undecided.

The draft hasn’t been used since the Vietnam War, and most voters hope to keep it that way. Just 29% of all voters think the United States should have a military draft, although that is up 11 points from five years ago.  Fifty-eight percent (58%) still oppose a draft, while 14% are not sure.

Thirty-six percent (36%) of men think the United States should have a military draft, a view shared by just 21% of women. Men are also more supportive of requiring U.S. citizens to spend one year in public service.

Voters under 40 oppose a military draft more than their elders do. These younger voters, the ones who would be drafted if a draft was reinstated, are slightly less supportive of making women register as well.

If everybody wanted to be drafted we wouldn’t need the draft.

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  • This proves women are smarter than men, perhaps? 😀

    I am for Compulsive Military Training for both men and women, with those unfit or otherwise exempted doing equivalent public service when possible. This would include doing periodic part-time duty for 10-20 years. Aside from providing a ‘ready reserve’ for military or emergency situations, sharing the experience with others from different areas, races and cultures might broaden the view of all concerned.

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