Monday Roundup

Guardian – ‘Climate change isn’t a challenge of the future – it’s here’

Harvard Business Review – Where the Green Jobs Really Are

New Republic – Karl Rove’s Latest Project Won’t Solve the GOP’s Problem

Mother Jones – California’s overflowing prisons

The Verge – Ron Paul asks UN to strip domain ownership away from supporters

Ma’an News – Egyptian forces close 2 Gaza tunnels, arrest 10

Global Post – Facebook confronts ‘like button’ lawsuit from Dutch company

Reuters – Insight: Has Volkswagen discovered the Holy Grail of carmakers?

On Violence – Queer Eye for the Straight Navy: An Argument to Paint Aircraft Carriers Rainbow Colors

You Tube Video – Battle for the Elephants

The Daily Galaxy – The Visible Universe: “Seven Trillion Dwarfs and Billions of Undetected Galaxies” (Weekend Feature)

Exit Art

The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada



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  • Celsius 233

    Wow; Monday Roundup is spectacular (it’s Tuesday here ;) ).
    Ghost train, VW Holy Grail, and the Visible Universe were particularly interesting, thanks.

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