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MissilesU.S. ‘alarmed’ by Assad’s firing of Iranian-made precision missiles

The United States is becoming increasingly worried about Syria’s ballistic missiles supplied by Iran to the regime of President Assad, according to U.S. media reports.

The Wall Street Journal quoted unnamed U.S. officials as saying that the Syrian regime recently fired four short-range Iranian-made ballistic missiles at sites of opposition fighters, raising concern that the embattled Assad maybe turning into more dangerous weapons.

 “It certainly shows more aggressive action by the Syrian regime, aided by the Iranians,” a senior U.S. official told the WSJ.

The missiles are known as the fatah-110 and are more precise than the Scud rockets currently used by the Assad’s regime. “It could be a sign of new tactics or desperation,” the official added.

Will Patriot missiles prevent spillover of Syria conflict?

Syrian conflict worsens as Assad orders warplanes, heavy artillery to blast rebels who hold great swathes of Syria’s countryside.

Syria fights of rebel advance on Damascus

Syrian government forces have bombarded several rebel strongholds in the suburbs of Damascus to quell the fighters battling the regime of President Bashar al-Assad from reaching the capital.

*Damascus blames ‘terrorists’ for petrol station blast

*Mohamed al-Zawahiri denies being arrested in Syria

*Syria’s Alawites Under Siege

*Syria’s Armed Opposition Plagued With Division

*Iran Stands By Assad, Seeks Role in Syrian Transition

*Israel’s Netanyahu rival moots centre-left alliance for election

*Israel’s Gaza Bantustan

*Israeli-Palestinian Security Ties Fail as They Succeed for PA

*Egypt allows trucks with Qatari building supplies to enter Gaza

*New Salafist Al-Watan Party ‘welcomes’ Copts and women

*El-Nour Party expects little impact from rival Al-Watan

*Egypt fights to prop up ailing currency as anxiety grows

*UAE rejects Egypt call to free ‘Brotherhood’ detainees

*Iran building software to control networking sites

*Sanctions Squeeze Revolutionary Guard

*Iran FM to visit Cairo for talks on ties, Syria

*Israel disarmament key to resolve Iran nuclear issue: Turkish President

*Iraqi PM accused of stoking sectarian tension

*Allawi demands Maliki step down, says Iraq not for only one man

*Same scenario repeats itself in Iraq: Real anger in front, Islamists in background

*In Lebanon, Tripoli Becoming Sectarian Battlefield

Islamist ally wants more woman ministers in Morocco

The head of Morocco’s Istiqlal (Independence) party, the main ally of the ruling Islamists, has asked for a cabinet reshuffle, saying 20 percent of ministers should be women, media reports said on Friday.

“The reshuffle is an opportunity to inject new blood… and increase the representation of women to 20 percent,” Hamid Chabat said in an official request to the head of the government which was published in local media.

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