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Last ‘No to constitution’ rallies in Egypt

Egypt’s mainly secular opposition gathered for last-ditch protests on Friday against a new constitution it slams as divisive, but on the eve of a referendum it held back from urging a boycott.

Ten Reasons Egypt Should Boycott The Constitutional Referendum

A debate is currently taking place on the constitutional referendum. Should we participate and say ‘no’ or just boycott?

Supporters of the first option say the following: We want to remove the legitimacy of this constitution through a high percentage that votes no. Should they insist on passing this constitution, the high numbers who vote against it will remove its legitimacy at the local and international levels.

They add that boycotting has led to Islamists dominating the Shura Council and allowed them to reach the highest position in the state. This resulted from our inaction and the boycott of this election. We have to learn from these experiences.

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