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Islamists to gather at presidential palace in support of Morsy

The Muslim Brotherhood is calling for a protest on Wednesday at the presidential palace in support of Mohamed Morsy and “legitimacy,” in a direct challenge to opposition forces demonstrating against the president there.

Morsi’s opponents fear losing the battle over the constitution

CAIRO — A statement published by Egypt’s newly formed National Salvation Front on Dec. 2 described President Mohammed Morsi’s call for a constitutional referendumas “irresponsible” and accused him of “reneging on his oath not to schedule it before reaching a broad state of national consensus over the constitution.”

Washington calls for peaceful demonstrations in Egypt

“We would simply urge that protesters express their views peacefully, and that they be given the environment, if you will, to protest peacefully,” US State Department spokesperson Mark Toner said, in an oblique reference to the government and security forces.

*Morsy faces multiple challenges with increasing opposition

*’Men don’t have to worry about being caught’: Sex mobs target Egypt’s women

*Media cries foul at executive authority backlash

*VP: Morsy vows not to use declaration powers

*Egypt slips in corruption index despite Arab spring

*Syrian civil war spills into Lebanon

*Islamic fighters in Northern Syria not united

*Syrian president examining possibility of refuge in Latin America

*For Israel, double trouble in Syrian WMDs, jihadis on border

*Israel PM heads to Berlin as settlement row snowballs

*Merkel to warn Netanyahu: Israel on way to isolation

*Palestinians to U.N.: Stop two big Israeli settlements

*Abu Mazen should go to Gaza

*Iran tells US to ‘recount’ drones

*Islamist Intimidation: The battle for the future of Tunisia

*New parliament marks a setback for Kuwait

*Qatar agrees to allow trade unions

*World Bank warns Arab world of devastating climate change

Bank report warns global warming will have dire consequences on Middle East and North Africa


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