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Israel withholds Palestinian funds after UN vote

Israel said on Sunday it was withholding this month’s transfer of tax revenues to the Palestinian Authority, after the United Nations’ de facto recognition of a Palestinian state.

Under interim peace deals, which Israel says the Palestinians violated by unilaterally seeking an upgrade of their status at the United Nations, it collects about US$100 million a month in duties on behalf of the authority.

Gaza: The Hashtag war

For Arabs, the year 2012 might be seen as the first year where wars were waged through social media networks. This, after 2011 saw those same networks become so prominent in the social fabric governing the Arab peoples that they began to effect fundamental change in the latter through the interlocking relationship that developed between them and the Arab Spring.

*Palestinian President Abbas declares ‘we have a state’

*Hamas complains to Egypt after Israeli army kills Gazan

*Mixed reactions to Morsy’s call for constitutional referendum

*Analysts: Egypt’s military won’t buck the Brotherhood

*In Damascus, tense anticipation of strongest push yet by rebels

*Blast kills 15 in Syria’s Homs

*Syrian warplanes strike rebels in Damascus suburbs

*Iranian weapons fly easily to Syria via Iraq airspace

*EgyptAir to resume flights to Syria

*Saudi Arabia interested in buying German armored vehicles

*Kuwait election: Opposition hails boycott as turnout falls

*For First time in Kuwait: Shiites emerge as main victors in polls

*UAE President warns: Our security sacred

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