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Mohammed Morsi faces gravest threat of his Egyptian rule

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president, Mohammed Morsi, faced the gravest threat of his short rule on Tuesday night as his refusal to compromise over his new powers was challenged by one of the biggest protests since the fall of Hosni Mubarak.

Egyptian court suspends work to protest Morsi move

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s two highest appeals courts suspended their work Wednesday to protest presidential decrees that gave the country’s Islamist leader Mohammed Morsi nearly absolute powers, state television reported.

* Protesters to Morsi: roll back your decree or leave

* Morsi decree that sparked crisis catches aides off guard

* Analysis: Egypt learns the art of politics amid protests challenging Morsi’s decree

* Palestinians warn: back UN statehood bid or risk boosting Hamas.

* Britain will abstain on Palestinian bid without assurances, says William Hague

* Key players and positions on Palestinian statehood

* Palestinian leaders vow to bring any suspects in Yasser Arafat death to justice

* Bones of Arafat can solve riddle of his death

* Why Iran still controls Gaza

* Iran showcases new warships near strategic waters

* Iran complains to UN about repeated US airspace violations

* Defiant Iran vows to press on with uranium enrichment

* Syria: Twin car bombs in Damascus kill 34 people

* Syrians risk lives in battle to protect nation’s ancient sites

* NATO visits southeast Turkey for patriot missiles

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