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Assad Shown at Ceremony for Prophet Birthday

Syria’s embattled President Bashar Assad was Thursday shown on state television attending prayers at a mosque in a northern district of Damascus to mark the Prophet Mohammed’s birthday.

The leader was shown in a live broadcast kneeling in al-Afram mosque flanked by Syria’s Grand Mufti Ahmad Hassoun, the highest Sunni religious authority in the country, and the religious endowments minister.

The minister, Mohammed Abdel Settar, earlier called for “million man prayers” at mosques on Friday to appeal for the re-establishment of security in the country, rocked by a deadly anti-regime uprising since March 2011.

Syrian jets bomb rebel-held areas near Damascus

Syria’s opposition coalition warns of a catastrophe in Aleppo

Rights group: Syria rebels accused of looting churches, destroying mosque

Syria conflict: UN says refugee crisis in Jordan ‘critical’

U.N., Arab League Pledge ‘Total Support’ to Syria Envoy

Syria Unlikely to See Peace in 2013, Says Iran Diplomat

Final vote tally gives Kadima reprieve, Jewish Home 12th seat

Lapid nixes blocking move, signals support for Netanyahu

White House says coalition shape won’t affect ties

Palestinians Smiling, If Unsure About Israeli Election Results

Palestinians warn of recourse to the Hague over E1

Egypt’s Ahly Ultras block major routes and threaten to escalate

Salafi leader criticizes Brotherhood for excluding other groups

Army ready to protect country, but not involved in politics, says military source

Morsi: Jewish-controlled media distorted my ‘apes and pigs’ remark

Britons urged to leave Libyan city of Benghazi over ‘threat’

Al-Qaeda Leader Denies Algeria Attack Plans

Algeria Gas Compound Lacked Armed Guards

Loyalists and independents dominate boycotted Jordan vote

Ahmet Türk warns Erdogan

2nd Öcalan meeting suspended due to Kurdish deputy’s remarks

Why were German soldiers ‘attacked’ in Turkey?

Saudi Conservative Women Feel Marginalized by Shura Council Snub

Progress in Morocco: Another step on path to gender equality


Times of Israel – Lapid’s rise lifts hopes for new peace talks

AL Monitor – Egypt’s Revolution, Two Years On

AL Monitor – Has Assad Regained Upper Hand?

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