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Bodies of 25 Hostages Found at Algeria Gas Plant

Security forces found the bodies of 25 hostages on Sunday as they combed a desert gas plant after a deadly stand-off with Islamists, and witnesses said nine Japanese captives had been executed.

Citing security sources, Anis Rahmani of private television channel Ennahar told Agence France Presse the army discovered “the bodies of 25 hostages” as they secured the sprawling In Amenas Sahara site.

Algerian Communications Minister Mohamed Said had earlier told a radio station: “I fear that it (the toll) may be revised upward,” after at least 23 foreigners and Algerians, mostly hostages, were killed over the four days.

It was not immediately clear if the 23 were included in Sunday’s 25 toll

Algeria terror leader preferred money to death

US warns Americans of travel dangers in Algeria

Obama seeks ‘fuller understanding’ of Algeria mission

Bread queues lengthen in Damascus

Assad’s mother moved to Dubai: Syrians

Fabius: Syrian Opposition to Meet in Paris on Jan. 28

Syria Opposition Seeks Deal on PM-in-Exile

Differences over who should be PM mar talks of Syria opposition

Assad’s overthrow “red line” for Iran: supreme leader’s aide

Is Turkey using jihadists to fight Kurds in Syria?

Israeli occupiers arrest Palestinian woman with her baby in her arms as she protects her land

Arab Israeli MP determined her voice will be heard

Palestinian-Israeli turnout to hit record low

Netanyahu’s hard line in line with Israeli electorate

‘Something new is beginning’ with rising Zionist star in Israel

Egyptians seize truck carrying ton of explosives

Vehicle was heading to Sinai, suspected en route to Gaza; earlier, 10 Palestinians arrested after crossing border into Egypt

Cairo Clashes With Police Leave Four Dead

More ‘insulting president’ lawsuits under Morsi than Mubarak

Mursi’s crackdown on media sets a new record in Egypt’s history

Iraq protester sets self ablaze in anti-government rally

Iraq finds extra billion barrels of oil

Iran hangs two men for attack posted on YouTube

Drone strikes kill nine suspected militants in Yemen

Rich Saudi Arabia: We must tackle economic roots of Arab Spring

Jordan’s Prime Minister: King Will Delegate Some Powers


Massacre about to occur in Jobar. Don’t say we had no warning”

Expert: Islamists’ Algeria raid could inspire copycat attacks

NYT: Jihadists’ Surge in North Africa Reveals Grim Side of Arab Spring

Guardian: Africa’s arc of instability has myriad causes

Spiegel: Europe’s Challenge: A Terrorist Homeland in North Africa

Deutsche Welle: How the Gaza Strip blockade came about


(Images: 1st – Naharnet, 2nd – Al Arabiya)

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