Middle East News Thread

Syrian refugee children play outside their tents in al-Marj, in the Bekaa Valley

Palestinian Militants From Syria Establish Lebanon Base

While Bashar al-Assad announced his new solution for Syria on Jan. 6, many recalled the widely known saying about the country’s heritage and its diaspora abroad, which reads: Every person in the world has two homelands, his place of birth first, and Syria second. For some time now Syria’s bordering countries have developed a similar saying: The border countries suffer from two crises, the Syrian crisis in Syria, and the Syrian crisis in the surrounding region.

Syrian army on offensive in Aleppo after university blast

Mourning in Syria as rebels, regime trade blame for campus attack

Syrian Opposition Finds Hearts and Minds Elusive

Moscow suspends consular operations in Aleppo

Assad and family said to be living on a war ship

US clears Assad of chemical weapons accusations

Chemical Weapons Use by Syria Still Uncertain

IDF probe: 80 bullets fired without justification in death of West Bank Palestinian

Approval for settlement plans jumped 300% in 2012, says Peace Now

Israeli fake peace group One Voice reveals its anti-Palestinian bigotry in Facebook graphics

Israeli company: Anti-missile system passes tests

Israel and Obama’s New Plan for the Middle East

Turkey launches largest-scale campaign against Kurd rebels in Iraq

In Iraq, Bombers Kill More Than 20 in Kirkuk

Iraq anti-Maliki protests continue unabated

Baghdad Traces Iraqi Terror Links to Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra

Islamists attack Algerian gas field, kill, kidnap foreigners

Mubarak Appeal Polarizes Opinion, Risks Fresh Unrest in Egypt

Dissidents Charged With ‘Tarnishing’ Morsi’s Image

U.S. Criticizes Egypt’s Leader for Anti-Semitic Remarks

Iran president: Sanctions fight requires oil shift

Iran: Religious decree against nuclear weapons is binding

Oman court upholds jail terms for bloggers

Saudi clerics break silence on king’s move to empower women


Spiegel: What is Anti-Semitism?

(Image: AL Monitor)

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