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SYRIA- UN warns 1 million Syrians going hungry due to conflict

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) warned on Wednesday it was unable to reach one million desperate and hungry Syrians because of the perilous security situation across the country after nearly two years of deadly conflict

*Iranian Captives Freed in Major Prisoner Exchange in Syria

ISTANBUL — More than 2,000 prisoners incarcerated by the Syrian authorities were being released on Wednesday in return for 48 Iranians freed by rebels after five months in captivity in what appeared to be the biggest prisoner swap since the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad began almost two years ago.

The exchange, brokered by Turkey and Qatar, came days after Mr. Assad warned on Sunday that he would not abandon the fight against armed adversaries pressing on the approaches to the Syrian capital, Damascus, and brushed aside calls for him to quit.

*Syria slams West for rejecting Assad peace plan

*Syria’s foreign minister calls for ‘unconditional’ dialogue with opposition

*Syria opposition group proposes transitional govt

*Russia Still Key to Syrian Transition

*The case of Egyptian detainees in the UAE is increasingly politicized

*Morsi, Egypt Face Economic Meltdown

*Hamas, Fatah leaders meet in Cairo for Palestinian unity talks

Gaza: Left in the Dark

Gaza’s electricity sector remains deficient. Israel refuses to allow in the spare parts needed to rebuild the broken-down infrastructure. Limited amounts of fuel reach Gaza from Israel and Egypt – well below the bare minimum required

*Watch: Banned Ballad election ad has Israel’s racist  politicians dancing to Arab rhythm

*Under pressure Maliki: protesters abusing freedom

*Maliki Calculates Early Elections

*Iraq closes border with Jordan amid ongoing demos

*Iraqis get $5 million over Abu Ghraib torture

*Turkey holds plane en route to Iran: customs official

*Iran behind spate of cyber-attacks against American banking sites: US says

*Tunisia’s ‘Committees to Defend Revolution’ Deny Violence

*Bahrain Convictions Prove No Desire For Reform

*Kuwait court keeps pro-opposition television off the air


Chuck Hagel Failure May Haunt Jewish Hawks

Obama May Be Emboldened To Take Own Path on Peace, Iran

*Shimon Peres on Obama, Iran and the Path to Peace

*A Senate debate on Mr Obama’s foreign policy

*Morsi and Egypt’s Military

*The ‘Brotherhoodization’ of Egypt and its unions



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