Michael Hastings: Rahm Emanuel Assaulted Me

Michael Hastings Rahm Emanuel

Journalist Michael Hastings says that Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel “grabbed me by the arm and wouldn’t let go” during a 2012 interview for Buzzfeed.


Emanuel, former White House chief of staff to President Obama, is known for his hardball tactics. On Thursday’s “Young Turks,” however, Hastings alleged that Emanuel “crossed the line” when he “grabbed” him during an interview.

Host Cenk Uygur replayed an audio clip of the exchange. Emanuel reacted fiercely when Hastings said “we’ll see” about Obama’s re-election, and warned Hastings, “I’m not going to let you do to me what you did to Stanley McChrystal.” The interview took place after Hastings’ 2010 Rolling Stone profile of McCrystal, which led to the general’s resignation.

“I never experienced anything like this in my career from an American public official,” Hastings said about the confrontation on Thursday. “He grabbed me — right before that exchange, he grabbed me by the arm and wouldn’t let go while his bodyguards approached me, clearly trying to intimidate me with a threat of physical violence.

Check out Hastings recounting his experience to Cenk Uygur, featuring audio of the delightful exchange with Rahmbo, after the jump.

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