Marc Andreessen totally favors creating a new serf class


Here in Silicon Valley an extreme libertarianism is favored by some ultra-wealthy like Marc Andreessen. He advocates deep-sixing all those stupid humanities classes, lowering wages for his proposed chattel class who won’t need to be bothering their inferior brains with college, and encouraging college grads to get the proper engineering and programming skills so as to better serve his class of overlords who Know What It Best For Them.

Andreessen, who has made hundreds of millions of dollars off the back of his tech investments, says that the phenomenon of “people with a high-school education earning college-level wages” was an “artifact” from the post-WWII era that has not translated well into the 21st century. To build today’s economy, he says, we need to lower the minimum wage, discourage college students from majoring in English and other humanities (which he says will doom them “to a future of shoe sales”), and encourage them to pick science, technology, engineering, and mathematics instead.

The Pentagon should be totally down with the idea of a serf class too. Serfs make make ideal cannon fodder for US military adventurism since they are deliberately kept uneducated and bred to know their place. As for discouraging studying humanities, why that makes perfect sense too if you want a docile work force. Those pesky humanities do foster independent, critical thinking and that’s just what wannabe overlords do not want.

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  • It’s a pervasive personality disorder that I have witnessed firsthand among very rich people. They think they are smarter, better, and more deserving of what they want than other people, because they are rich.

    It sounds like Andreessen has extended this specious reasoning to assert that others deserve much less than what they rightfully earn, because they are not rich.

    Careful, Marc– that way lies the guillotine.

  • knew he was a prick when I worked for him…the years haven’t mellowed him at all.

    There is a reason NetScape ain’t around any more and it isn’t *only* because of Spyglass/IE/Microsoft.

  • People only can learn from their mistakes. That does not mean they do learn from their mistakes.

    There is a joke in Silicon valley:

    What can you tell a millionaire in their 20s?

    Absolutely nothing!

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