Desolate and lone
All night long on the lake
Where fog trails and mist creeps,
The whistle of a boat
Calls and cries unendingly,
Like some lost child
In tears and trouble
Hunting the harbor’s breast
And the harbor’s eyes.

… Carl Sandburg wrote that. (the rest by member worldwise/Don) Poems are personal. Sandburg captures simply, beautifully and succinctly the feeling, his feeling, of what it is to be lost.

Today, and over the past few days, I have heard similar sentiments expressed as people say that they no longer recognize their country. They feel lost.

I’m here to remind that our ship is indeed still in safe harbor, the harbor’s breast, if you will. Even though the lighthouse and shore are obscured by the fog of fear, bigotry, anger and hate.

Night’s darkness descends around us. It brings with it a pervasive, inscrutable anxiousness. But it is just a feeling. There are beacons and horns out there everywhere, beating back the night, the fear, the anxiety. Find them. Be one. Turn darkness into day …

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  • The fascists Trump, Cruz, and Rubio scare me. Corporate and 1% Hillary is not better. Racism, xenophobia, religious fundamentalism and science denial are triumphant. The GOP appeal to the worst devils of our nature has succeeded. Where is FDR when we need him?

    • Ah yes. The Man On Horseback.
      But whether he will he be wearing a white hat or a black hat is yet to be determined.

      I was just listening to Wreck Of the Edmund Fitzgerald and thinking of the Witch Of November, when this strolled across my FB screen.

      Rough times ahead. 🙁

      • Ray, I saw those photos yesterday too and thought they were really amazing. tla, – Hillary on a bad day is still better than any of the republican candidates, but she is probably wearing a gray hat 😉

        • Corporate Dems like to blame a few Nader voters in FL for giving away the 2000 election to Bush. Gore then, like Hillary now, just assumes the left will fall into line, so they can ignore them. Instead, 2000 should be a warning. Gore forgot how politics works. He never offered Nader a deal for his support, and lost those voters and the election.

          If Hillary wants Bernie’s voters, she needs to promise us/Bernie something important that she otherwise wouldn’t do. Taxes and regulation of Wall St? A return to Eisenhower’s high tax rates on high incomes? Taxing unearned income at a higher rate than earned income? Free college education for all? Universal single-payer health care? A law against corporate personhood? Dissolution of NATO and withdrawal of our military forces from overseas bases? There are plenty of deals she could make.

        •   It is interesting that the media of the day went out of their way not to show FDR as handicapped. Such photos ar rare. He was moved from limo, to wheelchair to final seating before the photoshoot started. Part of it was FDR’s PR folks but a lot was simply respect.

            One could write a book on the different mindset of both media and public, 1930-40s vs today. (Maybe I will, someday)

          • Speaking of that Media Coverage…,
            I found this piece from over at CounterPunch quite interesting:


            CNN and Facebook co-sponsored last week’s Democratic presidential frontrunners’ “debate.” After the event, CNN conducted a poll. “Who won the debate?” it asked. The result: 83% Bernie Sanders; 12% Hillary Clinton.

            Facebook also took a poll. “Who do you think won?” Over 79% responded, “Bernie Sanders.”

            The CNN editors’ take? “CLINTON’S CONFIDANT SWEEP.”

            Slate conducted a poll. “Who won the presidential debate?” asked the magazine. 75% of respondents said Bernie Sanders; 18% gave it to Hillary Clinton.

            “Hillary Clinton won,” reported Slate “senior writer” Josh Vorhees exuberantly. “She just needed to be solid in the debate. Instead, she was spectacular.”

            Spectacular! with 18% of Slate’s own polling numbers. Go figure.

            “Who do you think won?” asked Time Magazine. The response? Bernie Sanders: 70%, Hillary Clinton 16%.

            The Time headline: “CLINTON IN CONTROL.”

            Are you disgusted yet? This goes far beyond distortion, and far beyond the tampering with facts that characterized Soviet-style reporting in Izvestia and Pravda in the decade before the USSR collapsed. This is in-your-face rejection of empirical reality, to say nothing of an insult to the viewers polled. The entire mainstream news media is complicit.

            I am not so sure that Hillary has as much support from the base and on the ground as is being reported. But she has the money and the media wants it…, so they are pushing to get it.

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