Live from the BBC new web redesign /clusterf*ck

Dropped in without a beta.

Now Day 5 of
“indexed by ip address/
indexed just for you- /
don’t try to find anything you’re not expected to”

BBC News Web design blues

and still clueless (see comments)

The dumbing-down is terrifying-
What would BBC America’s ‘Iraq invasion’ have buried in the index?

Still, they’re aiming for more traffic!

FAQ’s on some important content changes below the fold.

Is the international version of the site changing?

Yes. Three sites – UK, global and a new North America edition – will share the same design and layout, as well as the same functionality and content. This ensures that our audiences around the world benefit from the same consistent experience. One project team has been working on the design of the three sites so it has been done cost-effectively and we have avoided any duplication.

What is the North America edition of the BBC News website?

The North America edition will still contain all our existing and future content, including the full range of coverage from the UK and news from around the world. Our editorial team in the BBC’s Washington bureau will tailor the indexes of this edition accordingly, working to provide the most relevant and timely news and analysis for users in the US and Canada. This content will of course be available to all users, wherever they are.

We are doing this after listening extensively to what our users in the US and Canada have said, and with the backing of the BBC’s commercial arm, BBC Worldwide, which funds our online service internationally.

Can I access the North America or international edition in the UK?

While it’s not currently possible to switch between editions of the site, it is important to point out that content on all editions is available to everyone, apart from particular rights-restricted video such as BBC iPlayer content – it is simply re-ordered and prioritised accordingly.

Will the BBC be launching more region-specific versions of

BBC Worldwide will, in time, be looking to introduce more locally-tailored news sites, as this is an important step in growing the reach of the site.

Why are there adverts when I access the site from outside the UK?

The BBC website is used by over 50 million people outside the UK, although they don’t directly pay for the website via the UK licence fee. Through the placement of advertising on the site outside the UK, BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, is able to generate revenues to go back into the BBC’s core services.

There are strict guidelines around the placement and delivery of campaigns on and we do not accept advertising from inappropriate advertisers. Protecting the BBC brand is of great importance to us.”

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  • Website users give BBC News redesign grief (and anger, and bargaining…)

    Guardian Online – The BBC News website aims to engage with its users – who are leaving thousands of complaints – as its new look beds in.

    When news organisations redesign their websites, the responses sometimes look like the five stages of mourning. There’s feedback in response to an editorial explanation of the much-vaunted redesign, and there’s feedback in response to a design-led explanation. A spectrum of reaction soon appears.

    “Most of the comments in response to my posts here on the redesign have been critical,” concedes Steve Herrmann, editor of the BBC News website, who has been (commendably) blogging about the redesign since it was announced.

    A hefty 4,242 comments have been published in response to Herrmann’s well-intentioned posts in the past 16 days, most spitting feathers but some leaving questions yet to be answered. Whatwereyouthinking posits:

    “1. When was the ‘prototype’ site available for viewing? A number of people have commented on your earlier posting saying they only got to see it 2-3 weeks before the launch.

    “2. What was done to ensure feedback from the ‘prototype’ site was then fedback into the design before launch?

    “4. What rollback plan did you have in place before launch of the new site? It would be somewhat surprising to find out that senior BBC managers signed off on a ‘sh*t or bust’ implementation.

    “5. There have been numerous specific and detailed points raised in the comments section by people wanting to have certain things addressed. Rather then a general ‘we are looking at things’ fob off answer could you please tell us, the licence payers, when specific raised issues are going to be addressed, an organisation the size of the BBC must surely be able to publish a list of items, what is intended to do to correct them and timescale for doing it.

    “6. Give the Alexa numbers are suggesting site traffic is down between 15% and 20% on the BBC news site when you take into account that news represents about 50% of total traffic would you consider the redesign a success?”

    The origin of the universe has not as yet been shown to be a conspiracy theory

  • in comparison. The BBC and the NHS falling in one week is not a happy time to watch.

    The origin of the universe has not as yet been shown to be a conspiracy theory

  • Trying to make sure the Government does not slash the TV tax UK folks have to pay each year to support them (if you own a TV there, you HAVE to pay a freaking tax).

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