Liberal Cheat Sheets for Rubio and Cruz

republican-logovia, he…

– Loves Hobby Lobby
– Is anti-abortion
– Blocks gun control
– Wants God in classrooms, country run by the Bible
– Wants to close Department of Education and HUD
– Anti-gay marriage or civil unions
– Will end immigrant amnesty and build Trump’s wall
– Will deny refugees
– Trashes Iran nuclear disarmament deal
– Thinks US military is too small
– Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi
– Blindly supports Israel, considers Palestinians terrorists
– Wants to abolish IRS and establish a flat tax (hat tip Ron Paul)
– Wants to get EPA out of water and clean energy
– Pro Keystone pipeline
– Would end Net Neutrality

Per, he wants to…

– Re-sanction Cuba, fight North Korea and Russia
– Build the Keystone pipeline
– Repeal ObamaCare and privatize Medicare
– Gain line item veto power
– Complete the TTP and TTIP
– Finance college students via investors in their future wages
– Gut public education via charter schools
– Build Trump’s wall
– End Net Neutrality
– Dismantle the Iran disarmament deal
– Expand military spending
– Deploy American troops against ISIS
– Increase domestic spying
– Cut corporate taxes
– Overturn Roe v. Wade

What’s not to love about these guys?

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  •   I absolutely loathe Donald Trump and have since he first showed up on my radar, long before he showed any interest in politicians (aside from payoffs related to some of his casino business). He’s phony as a 3-dollar bill and knows he’s just talking bullshit.

      Cruz and Rubio are worse and far more dangerous.
    They believe the crap the say.

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