Lewis Lapham on Legalizing Drugs & Hating Facebook

Lewis Lapham

When it comes to public intellectuals who are intrinsically linked to opened doors of perception former longtime Harper’s editor and current Lapham’s Quarterly editor/founder Lewis Lapham is probably not the first name that springs to mind. But in this wide-ranging Reason TV interview Lapham discusses drug legalization and how it relates to his recent LQ essay that revealed a surprisingly “cordial” personal relationship with mind-altering substances (especially alcohol). He also (sigh) lets his aging lefty technophobe flag fly via his fervent mistrust of the Googles and the Facebooks (a sentiment stubbornly shared by Harper’s current union-busting Luddite designate and apparent search engine illiterate, publisher John MacArthur), which Lapham believes are comparable “to Soviet NKVD and the Gestapo” (double-plus UNGOOD, Godwin be goddamned!)

Watch Lewis Lapham on Legalizing Drugs, Hating the Facebook, and Curating the Past at Lapham’s Quarterly after the jump.

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