Large explosions rock Yemeni capital Sanaa

Mushroom clouds rise in the sky in western Sanaa where the capital’s largest weapons caches are located.

Al Jazeera, April 20

Powerful explosions have rocked the Yemeni capital, shattering windows and damaging structures, as Saudi-led air strikes targeted suspected weapon caches and missiles held by Houthi fighters.

Mushroom clouds on Monday rose in the sky over Fag Atan, in western Sanaa, where the capital’s largest weapons caches are located.

One of the air strikes reportedly targeted a Scud missile base held by the Shia Houthi rebels in Fag Atan Mountain beside Hadda district, where the presidential palace and many embassies are located. Nearby homes were being evacuated.

“This was by far the strongest explosion witnessed in Sanaa so far. Hundreds, if not thousands of homes have been damaged, sending thousands of people to flee the area.” Hakim al-Masmari, the editor-in-chief of Yemen Post, told Al Jazeera.

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