Lance Armstrong Interview: Dave Zirin Rips Fauxpology (VIDEO)

Lance Armstrong

Is there anyone out there who thinks that Lance Armstrong’s now-infamous attempt to “seize the narrative” about his not-so-secret history of doping (and douchebaggery) was a success? The Nation’s Dave Zirin talks with Current TV’s John Fugelsang about the Oprah-facilitated Armstrong interview: “[Armstrong] actually reminded people not what they liked about him, he actually introduced people to somebody they didn’t really like, while at the same time angering USADA.”

Watch Dave Zirin discuss Lance Armstrong’s spectacular PR bellyflop with Current TV’s John Fugelsang, after the jump.

Previously:  “That Lance Armstrong is willing to fess up now and come clean is about one thing, and one thing only: Lance Armstrong.”

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  • My wife really likes Oprah (gets O magazine every month), while I really don’t pay enough attention to her to have an opinion one way or the other. I have a slightly adverse reaction the the shows where “everyone has a new car under their seat” and the audience goes wild, and I’m not a fan of “let’s sit on a sofa and I’ll make sympathetic noises while you admit what a creep you are” shows that she is so fond of. Given the venue, I expected Armstrong’s confession to he halfhearted at best.

  • I don’t know. He was a lot more forthright and open than I would have thought before the interview, but then you don’t get two and a half hours of airtime from “I plead the Fifth.”

    As he said time and time again, this was a process. Matt, you’ve read my thoughts on his process, I’m sure, so you know what I’m going to say: he’s got a long way to go but this was a pretty good first step.

    Oprah was about image rehabilitation. My hope is, one day, he’ll truly make an attempt to repair both himself as a human and the damage he’s done.

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