“Just quit being the Capitulator In Chief”

Over at the Great Orange Satan, Kos hisself unloads on Obama over the “fiscal cliff” gourd haggle. (Via Suzie).

Kos points to a WaPo piece by Ezra Klein that notes Obama had made several key concessions in yesterday’s offer to Boehner – going back on the red line of $250,000 a year being the threshold for ending Bush tax cuts, reneging on the demand that there be no more debt ceiling crises and offering up Social Security on the chopping block. Obama has blinked and “Republicans increasingly think the White House will concede more now, and that if they don’t concede more now they’ll definitely give Republicans a better deal if threatened with debt default.”

Kos writes:

Capitulation is never a strength. A deal will obviously require concessions by the president, but you make those to FINISH the deal, not in the middle of negotiations, and not until after you’ve branded the opposition with the concessions they’re demanding. If a final deal required concessions on chained CPI, then make sure it’s the Republicans making those demands, and then make sure everyone knows it’s the Republicans making those demands. Don’t be the one making that offer, for chrissakes!

…Not only is it brain dead stupid with regards to Republicans, but also betrays his own vice president and congressional caucus—which had promised several times that Social Security (among other things) was off the table.

…Obama wasn’t elected to play nice with Republicans. He was elected to lead our nation and improve the lives of its citizens. The political reality is that he needs Republicans to pass legislation. But that doesn’t mean he cedes the bully pulpit, solidly backed by the American people, in order to hand Republicans victories they didn’t earn—either in the court of public opinion or at the ballot box.

The comments are interesting too, and are mostly to the point that the Democratic base should just quit supporting the Capitulator In Chief. Some go further than that. “I can’t believe he’s just a fuck up.  He has to be getting what he wants and what he wants is a right-wing economy.”

When you’ve lost DKos in its entirety…

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