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let’s try to answer a couple of questions posed by Numerian in his piece on The Bundy Bunch…, that by the way…, he has updated after the latest incident out there in Oregon…, Bundy Brothers Initiate War With U.S. Government.

Foremost…, let me say that I am pretty much totally in agreement with his, “This has been, from the start, an adventure in stupidity by privileged white ranchers who entertain fantasies of playing soldier” statement.  But it is fun to speculate and try to answer those questions I mentioned earlier.

Where are they going to get food?  That was the first question that came to mind when a group of self-appointed “militia” members seized a small federally-owned nature preserve tourist center in southeast Oregon this week. 
Why the Bundys chose to leave their armed compound in the first place is something to be wondered about, but boredom could easily be the answer. They’ve been in the compound for nearly a month, with no sign that the federal or local authorities were going to grant some of them their wish to die in a fiery showdown between the government and “patriots.”  They’ve been allowed to go into the nearest town for food and supplies with no interference from the authorities, and where they could meet with some of their supporters who chose to wait in the comforts of town rather than join the insurgents on a possible martyrdom mission.

Flashback here…, to a few years back when out at the job we were all “summoned” to attend a presentation from an FBI agent about the threat of domestic terrorism…, with a distinct emphasis on eco-terrorists.  I am still a bit puzzled about that one…, but the following is from the FBI site:

        Putting Intel to Work
Against ELF and ALF Terrorists

In early 2006, eco-terrorist Eric McDavid and two associates met in a secluded cabin in Dutch Flat, California to discuss making improvised explosive devices and to choose targets to bomb. Soon after, they began casing the targeted facilities and buying supplies to make bombs. But before they started mixing the ingredients, we swooped in and arrested them.

How did we know what McDavid was up to? How were we able to prevent attacks that could have caused thousands or millions of dollars in property damage and possibly harmed people?

In a word, intelligence.

Our intelligence—which included the use of an FBI source who was actually with McDavid and his associates inside that California cabin—allowed us to piece together the entire plot ahead of time.

Since 9/11, we have greatly strengthened our ability to identify, collect, analyze, and share intelligence across all of our national security and criminal priorities. And that has carried over into our investigations of violence and terror committed in the name of the environment—as well as of animal rights.

Together, eco-terrorists and animal rights extremists are one of the most serious domestic terrorism threats in the U.S. today…

So what are we doing to counter the threat? For one, we’ve mapped our environmental and animal rights extremism cases in order to give our investigators around the country and our executive management a big-picture look at what’s happening and where. We’re also analyzing information from financial records, phone records, and mail…and working to increase our human source reporting. And we’re sharing intelligence with our partners through our Joint Terrorism Task Forces and other investigative endeavors. Sharing info with our partners, particularly at the local level, is crucial because many times they’re the first ones at the crime scene.

Our efforts have paid off—since 2005, our investigations have resulted in indictments against 30 individuals.

Of course, fully cognizant of the right to free speech, we investigate all animal rights and environmental extremism cases in strict accordance with the law and our guidelines.

So whatever happened to Eric McDavid? In May, he was sentenced to nearly 20 years in federal prison.

So…, maybe you guessed where I am going with this one?  I mean, the FBI has an almost perfect record of thwarting terrorist attempts here in the US.  At least all the ones that are their own initiated sting operations.  They find some not so bright, but willing and passionate patsies…, provide the plans and materials…, and bust the bombers and save us all from some heinous act of terror.
Now…, like I said in the title…, just for fun here…, another quote from Numerian:

Somewhere in the vast federal bureaucracy, between the Bureau of Land Management, the Fish and Wildlife Service department, and Homeland Security, there have to be a few officials saying “I told you so.”  Allowing the Bundys to walk away from their last confrontation in 2014 was a big mistake.  Now that the Bundys have isolated themselves in the wilds of Oregon (a state Ammon Bundy had never before even visited), it is time to arrest them and press charges that will result in prison terms.

Well…, here is a quote from The Bundy Bunch’s father down in Nevada:

Even Cliven Bundy, Ammon’s father, expressed his hesitation over the protests. “I don’t quite understand how much they’re going to accomplish,” Bundy told OPB. “I think of it this way: What business does the Bundy family have in Harney County, Oregon?”

So…, maybe the Bundy Bunch pups have not so bright minds of their own…, and charged up to Oregon.., with no food…, but plenty of fire power…, to occupy federal property…, for years if necessary.  And the FBI responded after the fact…, and played it perfectly…, letting other members come and go at will…, but got lucky when they decided to finally make a move…, and captured all the top dogs together with as little lethal force as possible.
Or maybe those poor pups had a bit of other “provocation” than that which they very poorly articulated?

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  • Given my personal observations of libertarians with arsenals, I doubt provocation was necessary. The videos they post back and forth are beyond what the FBI could hope to dream up if they moved their headquarters to Amsterdam. They greatly overestimate both the problems at hand and their own utility in solving them.

    Given how racist some of these contingents are, it’s apt to point out the Klan didn’t need much outside prompting for their crimes either.

  • I don’t think they needed provocation for their actions, I think they made their plans up over a campfire drinking beer, eating snacks while cleaning their weapons. I do think the FBI had an agent within the group.

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