Josh Whedon Welcomes Romney’s Zombie Apocalypse

“Mitt Romney is a very different kind of candidate. One with the vision and determination to cut through the business as usual politics and finally put this country back on the path to the zombie apocalypse.”

“Romney’s ready to make the deep rollbacks in healthcare, education, social services and reproductive rights that will guarantee poverty, unemployment, overpolulation disease and rioting. All crucial elements in creating a nightmare zombie wasteland.”

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  • stuart noble

    Zombie apocalypse? These last second end run appeals to liberal Americans would be comical if so many weren’t actually persuaded by them. The New York Times, the Washington Post and the Chicago Tribune have all endorsed Obama as the best candidate to impose major cuts in social spending!Oh yeah, and the killing (fictional or not) of Osama bin Laden represents like the greatest foreign policy success of the Obama administration. Then there’s one of the final arguments for bringing liberal fence sitters out to vote (re-posted at the Agonist), that the health insurance industry’s 50 billion dollar profit increase may be threatened by Republicans if Obama isn’t reelected? Seriously?I’m sorry but I see zombies to the right of me (the old school shambling kind) and zombies to the left of me (the super fast 28 days later kind). Whedon is right on one point however; they’ll all need brains. Forward >>>

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