Joaquin's 2010 recap

2010 was a year that I tried my hand at writing some fun but serious essays. It was a wonderful experience and I am thankful to the Editors and contributors here at the Agonist for your support and comments. Here are my favorites

Understanding Capitalism versus Socialism – Still gets 1520 hits on Google with the full name quoted. 147 buzzes on Buzzflash

Understanding Supply Side Capitalism – Still gets 1840 hits on Google fully quoted, made it onto Project Censored

Understanding the US Financial Crisis, Why Banking Regulations are a Temporary Fix – Still gets 215 hits on Google fully quoted.

US Democracy, Progressivism , and Brand Building – Still gets 191 hits on Google fully quoted

The Witch who was Made of Wood (Part #1)

My pre-2010 favorite

The Giant Meteor

The Witch who was Made of Wood (Part #2)

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  • Those are excellent posts and deserved the attention that they got. People are ready to read thoughtful considerations of fundamental political and social issues issues.

    We’ll take some more of that in 2011!

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