Japan's lost libido and America's asexual future

Spengler | Mar 12 | Asia Times

A Japanese government study that should have shaken the psychology profession to its shoelaces went through the news media with a mild degree of titillation last month. Almost a third of Japanese boys aged 16-10 and three-fifths of girls say that they have no interest in sex. That is daunting, for all the world’s cultures have believed that women enjoy sex more than men, as the Greek seer Tiresias told the gods according to Ovid.

The hormones of late adolescence evidently rage in vain against some cultural barrier that makes young Japanese “despise” sexual relations, according to the Japan Family Planning Association’s report [1]. The whole edifice of liberal social policy should have tumbled upon the news, which refutes Freud’s premise that libido is the driving force in human character. For 60 years, the sexual revolution insisted that repressed desire is the root of all evil. It turns out that the ultimate victim of sexual revolution is sex itself.

What makes the Japanese hate sex? The same things that make a growing proportion of Americans hate sex. Joan Sewell’s 2007 book I’d Rather Eat Chocolate became the manifesto of American women who don’t like sex, hailed at the as “the next wild turn in the female sexual revolution” by Sandra Tsing Loh in The Atlantic Monthly [2].

Pharmaceutical companies are racing to market a pill to revive fading female libido, to no avail: women do not want to be sex objects, and a culture that objectifies women will make them hate sex, as I wrote in this space five years ago [3]. But the problem has gotten worse than I imagined it would.

Somedays Spengler is just confusing to read

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  • Freud’s question, “What do women want?,” showed what an ideologically-driven fanatic he was. Women want what every human being wants, which is to be unique, and to be loved for their uniqueness. With rare exceptions, human beings become unique by bearing and raising children: a child can have only one mother. Women are unique as mothers, and men are lifted above their animal instincts by their attachment to the mother of their children.

    The moment we separate sexuality from child-bearing, we turn women into generic sexual objects, which makes it impossible for them to obtain what they want, because sexual objects are generic. The one thing you know with 100% certainty about any woman you see, supermodels included, is that some man, somewhere, is tired of sleeping with her. If women cannot control men by bearing their children, what other means do they have to control them? We find the answer in the sudden popularity of dominant-submissive fantasies.


    That is the end that enlightened secular culture has prefigured for us at the end of the Freudian century: to leave no trace of our mortal existence except for a grease-stain on the carpet.

    Shorter Spengler: “Without participating with God in his creative act, we are nothing but a grease-stain on the carpet. Women are undifferentiated and hopeless without a man, and men are mere animals unless they are Fathers.”

    Uplifting. We’re either slaves to our biology or perverts.

  • I had to stop a couple of times to wait for my blood to cool down.
    If the article is accurate, the human race is doomed and damn well deserves to be. Fortunately, the article is utter nonsense.
    Using the same approach, one could ‘prove’ most anything by claiming some specific passing social mindset and practice is universal.
    There have always been screwed up people and there always will be. Times of greater social stress – from whatever source – may increase the frequency of aberrant behavior but does not make it normal or inevitable.

    The social, economic and cultural environment of Japanese kids is psychologically unhealthy and has been for at least 50 years. Stress is worse than ever because even if a kid does everything right and survives the school/exam torture and the shock of moving from childhood to adulthood suddenly instead of gradually, there is no longer a guaranteed place in the economy or society. It’s undoubtedly tough growing up in Japan today. That does not mean their response is the wave of the future, at least outside of Japan.

    It is worth remembering that the Founding Fathers were all traitors.

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