Ivory Coast military guilty of ‘mass arrests and torture’

A new report released by Human Rights Watch on Monday accused Ivory Coast’s army of carrying out mass arrests and beatings on perceived supporters of former president Laurent Gbagbo in response to last year’s post-election violence.

France24, November 19

Hundreds of civilians suspected of backing Ivory Coast’s former president have been swept up in mass arrests and abused by the army, dealing a major setback to efforts to heal divisions after a decade of crisis, Human Rights Watch said on Monday.

Years of political deadlock in Ivory Coast ended in a brief post-election civil war last year, caused by former president Laurent Gbagbo’s refusal to accept his defeat at the polls.
Gbagbo is now in The Hague charged with crimes against humanity.

But a wave of raids on security installations, beginning in August and blamed on his exiled supporters, has revived the spectre of violence and provoked a heavy-handed response from the army.

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