I've Been Meaning . . .

. . . to post this for a few days now (Shaula just reminded me, so here it is). Question: was Dick Cheney lying then or now?

I wish someone in our vaunted media elite has the courage to ask Cheney which it is?

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Sean Paul Kelley

Traveler of the (real) Silk Road, scholar and historian, photographer and writer - founder of The Agonist.

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  • Perzdent Cheney was a visionary!!!!!!!!!!! A funny thing happed on the way to deposit those contract payment checks from Defense Department to KBR.

    “The president’s job is to think not only about today, but tomorrow”
    george bush delivers deep insights in a speach given on
    April 19, 2007
    Tipp City High School
    Tipp City, Ohio

  • A few hours before Sean’s posting the video, I posted the E&P story on this.

    Also, I have sent the story, with the comments I made afterward about Cheney’s malevolent manipulation of Bush43, Congress and the American people using Iraq as a means to an end: a unitary presidency, to Senators Warner and Webb and Representatives Davis, Kuchinich and Conyers. In Conyers’ comments I also asked if this evidence of cold-blooded malevolent manipulation by Cheney was sufficient to finally get him to get his duff in gear about impeaching Cheney.

    David Bier
    CADRE Intel Mgr

  • I am amazed that the MSM doesn’t get this.
    I am starting to wonder where the truth really is!
    Murdoch and CNN don’t cover news. They only cover what they are told.
    And we critisize everyone else for censorship!
    Bush lies and we don’t cover it?
    Cheney lies and we don’t cover it?
    Everyone lies and we don’t cover it?
    In NA freedom has now become a word that means nothing others than making more money for corporations and support for politicions.
    A great line I heard today. “Bombs for peace is like fucking for virginity.”
    We are getting fucked!

    repressive governments mix administrative clumsiness & inefficiency with authoritarian tendencies.

  • the Daily Show picks this up. Cheney debating Cheney would make Bush debating Bush look like small beer as a milestone in political hypocrisy.

    “I despise idealogues masquerading as objective journalists.” – Bill O’Reilly, March 30, 2007

  • For in 1998, Cheney was among those calling for a variant of “regime change”…well, maybe because Bill Clinton and the Demos were in charge, and what would be more advantageous for the Repubs than to have Clinton under fire for “allowing” Saddam Hussein to remain in power…an Iraq that was battered senseless by the ’91 Gulf War, had by 1998 suffered through several additional years of a crippling embargo, plus constant “no-fly” air strikes, plus UN-IEAE inspections, suddenly became MORE of a threat than 8 years before? But what HADN’T changed, of course, was the implicit condition of sectarian conflict and fragmentation absent the authoritarian central government. Bigtime got that right, but chose to ignore his own analysis the second time round.

    “les Etats-unis, c’est le seul pays à être passé de la préhistoire à la décadence sans jamais connaitre la civilisation…”…Georges Clemenceau

  • In the 90’s they knew the public wasn’t in the mood for picking a fight with Saddam. Plus, even tho’ Clinton agreed to lend rhetorical support for regime change in Iraq, Cheney-ites weren’t going to allow any Dem Pres to do anything about it.

    Along comes 9-11 and “everything changed”. The hardcore faithful simply ignore what “you liberal nutballs” have to say, and the Fox News watchers are fed a constant diet of Father-Knows-Best-So-Don’t-Worry-And-Don’t-Ask-Questions.

    In the end, they don’t have to be truthful or even consistent. All they have to do is to invite us to maintain that tiny sliver of hope that maybe these guys really aren’t so bad after all.

    Accommodate whenever possible, but never obey.

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