Israel Tells BBC Its Ceasefire Terms

Paul Danahur, the BBC’s Middle East Bureau chief, tweets the short version of Israel’s ceasefire terms.

BBC in #Israeli told by officials  Israel wants the following conditions to be met for a #Gaza ceasefire:

1/ No hostile fire of any kind to come from Gaza into Israel including smalls arms fire at Israeli troops near the border.

2/ Hamas fighters must be stopped from travelling to the Sinai to carry out attacks against Israel at the Sinai/Israel border.

3/ Hamas mustnt be able to rearm. International & regional actors needed for this (“Egypt can play a key role in bringing about ceasefire”).

 4/ A ceasefire must not simple be a “time-out” for Hamas, it must be an extended period of quiet for Southern Israel.

No indication of what concessions, if any, Israel is willing to make in order to secure those demands – probably only that they’ll stop bombing and won’t launch a ground invasion.

Meanwhile, Danahur also tweets that Israel has again hit the Gaza media tower, striking with a missile that hit just above the entrance and trapped many inside as the building burst into flame – this time killing at least one person and injuring several others. Pour encourage les autres?

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  • JustPlainDave

    Reporting now saying that the person killed at the Shawa & Husari building was a PIJ commander. Other reporting saying that Israeli statements have started to play the Iran card. Look for targeted personalities from PIJ and the PRC.

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