Israel Breaks Cease-Fire Over Border Fence Protests

One Palestinian man is dead and nineteen others wounded after Israeli troops opened fire on them during non-violent protests at the border fence that is the physical form of Israel’s collective punishment of Gaza. The Palestinian protesters were resumably still on Gazan territory but:

Soldiers fired warning shots in the air to distance the Palestinians from the fence, but after they refused to move back, troops fired at their legs, the military said.

Gazan militant groups, rather than shooting back, informed Egypt formally of this violation of the new truce.

If this new ceasefire is to hold for any time, it seems to me, then the international community – and especially the US – must rein in the casual way in which Israel’s military turns to violence against what it obviously sees as lesser beings getting uppity, apartheid-style. No-one should be expected to endure that level of persecution and yet keep the peace themselves.

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  • Israel is an apartheid state within it’s boundaries and the occupied territory. This has always been the case. The sine qua non of apartheid is to judge ‘others’ as inferior.

    The Israeli sense of superiority and associated practices are no longer based on religious or cultural grounds which have become recognized as untenable. Now the denigration – aside from raw racial bigotry – is based on military superiority: Might Makes Right. They oppress the Arabs in Gaza, the West Bank and Israel simply because they can. And they will be able to continue this militarized regime as long – and only as long – as the rest of the world, principally the American government and Jewish community continue to provide financial support. If Israel had to rely only on her own resources, she would be a lot more humble if not destroyed. To prevent the latter, we help her destroy all the Arabs she can get her hands (or bombs) on. We need to cut back our support and force Israel to arrive at an arrangement with the other parts of the Middle East that does not depend totally on military power.

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