Is there a problem?

Netherlands now has more prison staff than prisoners


– Progressive drug laws
– Sanctioning those who violate laws with rehabilitation efforts.
– Crime reduction through changing social behavior as a key to reducing incarceration — rather than just changing the laws or telling police to stop arresting people as a method for artificially creating the perception that there’s less crime. Source

So, what’s the US doing about its prison system?

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  • Some American prisons are run as profit centers, others as sources of cheap labor. Throw in a lot of racism; imprisoning for what are trivial (and often victimless) crimes, particularly small drug busts; add in the mentally ill we don’t want to take care of; political football; professionals protecting their turf.

    That’s what the US is doing about its prison system.

  • Curious, why should I support your comments when you do not support your threads?
    Arundhati Roy, being paramount among said posts.
    She, of all people in the world, is most notable and relevant; yet you post and ignore.
    Shame on you…

    • I appreciated your comments in that thread very much. I don’t know why I did not respond. Maybe it’s because I had a flood in my house and have been dealing with multiple workmen which is a major headache. It must have fallen through the cracks.

      Sorry if that has offended you.

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