Is Iran’s Ahmadinejad going rogue as his term ends?

CSM, By Scott Peterson

Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is challenging attempts to sideline him during the waning months of his presidency as the country braces for another election.

Embedded in Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric of Iran’s soaring greatness and the collapse of the West – typical themes on the Islamic Republic’s 34th birthday party – was a renewed political challenge to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and lesser pillars of the regime, as Iran prepares for presidential elections in June.

Four months before the vote, the highest echelons of Iran’s Islamic regime are embroiled in political infighting and a power struggle, have taken steps to quell potential dissent, and fear a repeat of the post-election violence that engulfed Iran in 2009 after the last disputed presidential vote.

Analysts say the recent arrest and harassment of journalists and questioning this week of a son and daughters of key opposition leaders, who remain under house arrest, are just some of the signs of deep insecurity and uncertainty now afflicting the regime.

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  • Where is Philippe Douste-Blazy, when you need him.

    “In the region there is of course a country such as Iran – a great
    country, a great people and a great civilization, which is respected and which plays a stabilizing role in the region.”

    from August 4th,2006.

  • This is less an issue of “going rogue” than of the “deviationist trend” that he is part of highlighting how they are going to be engineered out of electoral contention. MHO, they will not find the powers that be willing to allow them to field a candidate.

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