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Iran Embraces Bush Doctrine?

Via the BBC, it seems Mohammad Hejazi, deputy head of Iran’s armed forces told the Iranian Fars news agency:

“Our strategy now is that if we feel our enemies want to endanger Iran’s national interests, and want to decide to do that, we will act without waiting for their actions,” Mr Hejazi told Fars.

Pre-emptive attacks, he means, but what did the West really expect after a decade and a half of pre-meditated aggressive actions? Still, this report seems to confirm that Iran, like the West, is galloping towards the sound of guns in fine old Light Brigade style.

Meanwhile, IAEA inspectors have again been denied access to Parchin military base where they wished to investigate reports Iran had conducted experiments in making explosive trigger nuclear implosion devices.

5 comments to Iran Embraces Bush Doctrine?

  • Tina

    coming up I can only wonder if this is more for public consumption than an international warning. Also with talks on the block is this more for leverage?

  • Bernard

    WTF? maybe Iran sees it is going to get obliterated, either by Israel or the US. just a matter of time. The Bush Doctrine is only for the US and Israel, so i don’t think that “excuse” will work for the Iranians.

    Frankly, knowing i am targeted for destruction/aka Iran by the Israelis and the US/ what would i expect the Iranians to do! what alternatives do they have. be a puppet state to Israel/US demands like the Palestinians?

    the Iranians have suffered for so many years under US imperialism/Oil companies. i really do wonder when enough is enough. of course any response buys into the Israeli/US “response”.

    so Iran is doomed, no matter what it does. either active outright war or the existing guerrilla war Israeli is presently waging on Iran.

    glad i am not an Iranian. no good choices in the Empire. Either Big Brother or his Israeli colony is out to get you, no matter what.

  • Michael Collins

    What? Are they reading the Shah’s diary. Who would emulate anything Bush did? (Oh, wait, Obama comes to mind. Nah, say it ain’t so..)

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  • jawbone2

    In Bernhard’s post on the economic ramifications of sanctions against Iran, especially those limiting its oil sales, Commenter Alexander (#31) links to an earlier post by Bernhard which reports that the Parchin project is manufacture of nanodiamonds. Nothing about nuclear weapons.

    And the IAEA report from last fall confirms this.

    Will the MCM (Mainstream Corporate Media) remind the public of this? Heh.

  • skuppers

    to monitor anything except declared sites for diversion. That’s it. So it doesn’t matter if there is research at this explosive research sit or that; it’s none of the IAEA’s business.

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