Invasion of Syria over poison gas hype. Iraq WMD redux

So a bad, horrible man has bad, horrible weapons and is imminently planning to use them. Are we talking about Saddam and the WMDs that never existed but were used as an excuse for invading Iraq? Oh wait, this time it’s Assad of Syria who sort of, maybe, could be planning to use poison gas, according to unspecified DC insiders citing dubious and undisclosed sources on information but who can be counted upon to be totally reliable, just like Colin Powell was when he lied to Congress about Iraq WMDs.

And if Assad does the unspeakable and uses the gas against his own people then what will the US and allies do? Invade, apparently. Golly, that worked out so well in Iraq, and Afghanistan, didn’t it?

So putting it all together, it appears that once again the imminent escalation play is one where an antagonized Syria is forced to strike back, an act which “hopefully” will get Iran involved in the fray, and from there it is smooth sailing for both Israel and the “democratic” forces of the world.

The war pigs want a war in Syria, even as they wring their hands and piously declare they desire nothing but peace and were forced, forced I tell you, into invading yet another country with no apparent strategy or exit plan. Why is the Syria tumult our fight and what can we possibly hope to gain by invading?

One thing is clear, the US has an economy based on war. As Country Joe and the Fish said back in the 1960’s.

Come on Wall Street
Don’t move slow
Man, this is war au go go
There’s plenty good money to be made.
By supplying the army with the tools of the trade.

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  • Alex Thomson at UK’s Channel Four News: Syria, a weapon of mass deception?

    as yet there simply is little credible evidence Syria is threatening to use chemical or nerve agents against its own people. Finally, after days of evidence-free rhetoric from the US government and their ever-obedient Westminster franchise, it was left to UN boss Sec-Gen Ban Ki Moon to point out today that there is, as yet, no confirmation that Syria is preparing to use them.

    “Recently we have been receiving alarming news that the Syrian government may be preparing to use chemical weapons. We have no confirmed reports on this matter,” Ban said after visiting a Syrian refugee camp in Turkey. Vague US “intelligence reports” are routinely and often unquestioningly trotted out in US papers as the basis for Obama, Panetta and Clinton wagging their fingers at Damascus.

    This then gets taken up elsewhere, and the story built upon nothing is soon accepted as global fact when it’s nothing of the kind. After Iraq and WMD, if the CIA or MI6 say it’s cold at the north pole, any sensible person would seek at least a couple more sources or would fly there and check. So they should look to produce the evidence that Syria has begun mixing chemicals as a preparation for use (and thus an excuse for the west to consider bombing) or perhaps stop theregular calls for it to be stopped.

    Readers and viewers, meanwhile, should question why, and why now, there is suddenly a supposed chemical weapons “threat”? Where’s the proof? What is the evidence? The past should be a lesson to us all.

  • This and many similar analyses I’m seeing would have a lot more legs if the blogosphere hadn’t serially been trying and mostly failing to make the same generalized class of cases (swapping out specific names and circumstances as required) for absolutely yonks.

    Big problem, pretty much everyone running their mouths on the whole range of topics (including myself) has about as much depth on most of them as a coat of paint – just because one can polish it up a coat of paint real nice so it *looks* deep doesn’t mean it *is* deep. “Half a news cycle ahead” is not a synonym for “expert”.

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