Interventionist Susan Rice Favorite To Replace Hawkish Clinton As SecState

I thought all along that Ambassador Rice would be the likely candidate to replace Hillary Clinton at State and now it seems to be the conventional wisdom too. Which means absolutely no change at State in terms of policy direction (“ask the Pentagon to do it!”) or of bellicose statements on Iran, Syria and anywhere else the neo-lib interventionist set decides needs a bit of American freedom delivered at gunpoint. Might as well appoint General Slaughter.

For all his faults, I’d rather have John Kerry, who finally seems to get that the US doesn’t have the cash or the international political capital for this hawkish crap any more. Alas, we’ll have more of “the strong do what they can and the weak suffer what they must” until it becomes gob-smackingly obvious even to the beltway set that their line is making the strong weaker by the day.

Update: Laura Rozen, a reporter I respect greatly, still thinks it’ll be Kerry.

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