In with the old, out with the new

Necco returns to its original candy wafer recipe after customer backlash and a drop in sales

The Boston Globe, By Taryn Luna, October 25

New England Confectionery Co. thought it could make its old-fashioned wafer appeal to a modern, health-conscious consumer by coloring and flavoring it with all natural ingredients such as cabbage and beets.

Instead, sales of Necco Wafers fell 35 percent.

”œThere were stacks and stacks of letters and e-mails that said, ”˜Why did you do this? You ruined it,’ ’’ recalled Steve Ornell, Necco’s vice president of sales.

Less than two years after going all natural, the Revere company has gone back to its original recipe in hopes of recouping lost sales and loyal fans of the 164-year-old candy. The chalky, sugary candy that comes in eight colors is once again made of artificial dyes and flavors.

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  • “When you live on cash, you understand the limits of the world around which you navigate each day.
    Credit leads into a desert with invisible boundaries.”
    – Anton Chekhov

  • My American friends and family are always shocked when they come to visit to discover that although Canadians and Americans seem to have so much in common, it’s impossible to buy a huge variety of familiar junk foods north of the border.

    “What? No Crunchy Cinnamon Tater Chips? No Down Home Barbeque Corn Wafers?” they exclaim in Utter Dismay. For some reason I always find myself apologizing for Canada’s appalling failure to provide an acceptable junk food alternative. And that’s not all. “What? No Uncle Regis Ice Cream Emporium? No Dunkin’ Chicken Drive-Thru?” North of the 49th, we’re apparently just like so dark ages when it comes to fast food franchises. It’s very humiliating. Some of my disadvantaged visitors have gone so far as to top up luggage with a supply of goodies in order to avert the horrors of withdrawal during a week’s visit.

    It wasn’t always thus. Once upon a time there were hands across the border, and every kid, north or south, could share the delights of fat wax lips, licorice cigars, chocolate Camel cigarettes, big old jawbreakers and Double Bubble gum. And all was right with the world.

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