In pictures: Rwanda's poo-powered prisons

In order to reduce energy costs and protect Rwanda’s forests, the country’s 14 prison have introduced biogas burners, so they are now 75% powered by the inmates’ own waste. The burners need one thing – a regular, reliable supply of waste – and jails are perfect. Slideshow

Don’t laugh! The short slideshow is enlightening.

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  • on the output of politicians.

    And it also might be a good idea if most of them were in prison.

    Libertarianism: MiracleGro for the feeble-minded.

  • output by burning the politicians.
    Obama is so full of it that he could power the whole eastern seaboard just by making promises.
    Worst than Bush; at least you knew what to expect from Bush.

  • Local solutions to local problems. We need more of that kind of thinking over here.

    They combine human and cattle poop. Very effective.

    However, is this scalable? Given that burning ANY kind of organic material releases carbons into the atmosphere, is this a practical solution on any larger scale than they use it?

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