Illinois police to use drones at crime scenes, won’t call them ‘drones’

RT, May 13

Illinois State Police has been granted permission from the federal government to employ drones at crime scenes and crash sites in order to take photographs. However, law enforcement officials won’t use the word “drone” when describing their new tool.

That’s no accident, either. Police said that they want to stay away from the word “drone” because of the negative connotations people have come to associate it with. Specifically, the department said “it carries the perception of pre-programmed or automatic flight patterns, and random, indiscriminate collection of images and information,” the Chicago Tribune reported.

Instead, police will refer to the drones as “unmanned aircraft.” Law enforcement also emphasized that the technology will not be used “for surveillance purposes” and noted that it worked with civil liberties groups to ensure that the privacy of Americans continues to be protected.

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