Ian Welsh : “The Problems of Social Sciences”

From Ian’s April 21 blog entry:

Are far harder problems than most of the problems of the hard sciences. Why people do what they do, under what circumstances is a problem of vast complexity, and we don’t have the necessary models. The models we do have (such as evolutionary psychology, and our abysmal knowledge of neuroscience), while powerful, are incomplete, and overly simplistic at capturing emergent behaviour, especially in groups, let alone the effect of culture.  more at the link

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  • Synoia

    What science? Any “science” requires measurable, repeatable results. Do we have any measurements whatsoever for this?

    Do we even have agreement on what the measurements could be?

  • Celsius 233

    The people who are the artists of social sciences are likely individuals who didn’t need the formal education of their respective disciplines in the first place.
    Margaret Meade on the positive side (as one example) and the monster, James Mitchell on the negative side.

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