Hillary In 2016? Oh, Please No!

I am officially depressed.

Carried by a new high in personal popularity and broad approval of her work as secretary of state, Hillary Clinton closes out her diplomatic career with majority support as a candidate for president in 2016.

Fifty-seven percent in the latest ABC News/Washington Post poll say they’d back a run by Clinton to succeed Barack Obama, vs. 37 percent opposed. That includes a broad gender gap – 66 percent support for Clinton among women, dropping to 49 percent among men.

…support for Clinton in 2016 tops out at eight in 10 Democrats and liberals, vs. 23 and 24 percent of Republicans and strong conservatives, respectively. About two-thirds of moderates and six in 10 independents say they’d support a Clinton candidacy.

It seems that 8 in 10 “Democrats and liberals” have forgotten she’s known in Iran as “Madame AIPAC” for a reason. On every foreign policy issue in the last four years, she has been consistently more hawkish and more inclined to let the Israeli tail wag the American dog than even Obama. The chances of America getting itself into interventionist wars under the neolib Clinton would be as great as they would have been under neocon Romney. On domestic policy, she showed herself in the 2008 primaries to be more inclined to “horse trading” with the plutocratic Right than even Obama. Given a “fiscal cliff”, I believe she’d sell out even more of poor folks’ safety nets. We’d be back to the Clinton era of “triangulation” without Bill’s skill at that, to the detriment of any chances the left has of having a voice. The country would move to the right if she won and further right if she lost.

It would be wonderful to see the first woman president in the US, but seriously – let’s not try to make Hillary Clinton that first. It would be a disaster.

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Steve Hynd

Most recently I was Editor in Chief of The Agonist from Feb 2012 to Feb 2013. My blogging began at Newshoggers and I’ve had the immense pleasure of working with some great writers there and around the web ever since, including at Crooks & Liars. I'm a late 40′s, Scottish ex-pat, now married to a wonderful Texan, with Honours in Philosophy from Univ. of Stirling, UK 1986. I worked most of life in business insurance industry (fire, accident, liability) including 12 years as a broker/underwriter/correspondent at Lloyd’s of London. Being from the other side of the pond, my political interests tend to focus on how US foreign policy affects the rest of the planet. Other interests include early and dark-ages British history, literature and cognitive philosophy/science.

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  • Agreed. Anyone who cries with gusto such unyielding support for the actions of an obviously racist organisation like Netanyahu’s Likud is likely just as flawed on any number of other issues.

  • more inclined to let the Israeli tail wag the American dog

    So Hilary has locked up the US funds recycled through AIPAC, correct?

    Smart move, ethical? – well she is Bill’s wife.

  • Hillary is too freakin’ old for another thing, besides being a stooge for Israel. She will be almost 70 in 2016. Finid some young progressives to lead us out of the wastelands of politics in the 21st Century!

  • Some may wish to ignore this story.

    ‘It pains me’: Clinton decries plight of women in male-dominated countries

    In an emotional speech as she nears the end of her term of office, Hillary Clinton warned there would be “many sacrifices and losses” before daughters were “valued as sons” across the world, according to reporters traveling with the secretary of state.

    Clinton, speaking Thursday at Dublin City University in Ireland, was given a humanitarian award by the non-governmental organization Concern Worldwide, whose chief executive Tom Arnold hailed her as “one of the greatest” secretaries of state “in the history of the Republic.”

    Clinton spoke about what human rights meant to her personally, describing what it was like to be a female official visiting male-dominated countries.

    “As the mother of a daughter, and as someone who believes strongly in the right of every person, male and female, to have the opportunity to live up to his or her God-given potential,” Clinton said, “it pains me so greatly when I travel to places around the world and am received almost as an exception to the rule, where the male leaders meet with me because I am the secretary of state of the United States, overlooking the fact that I also happen to be a woman.”

    “We are on the right side of history in this struggle, but there will be many sacrifices and losses until we finally reach a point where daughters are valued as sons, where girls as educated as boys, where women are encouraged and permitted to make their contributions to their families, to their societies just as the men are,” she added. More at the link

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