Highlights of AP's probe into NYPD intelligence operations

A good summary of all the investigative work from 2011 here

AP – For their investigative series that brought attention to the controversial tactics of the New York Police Department’s intelligence operations, a team of four Associated Press reporters earned the George Polk Award for Metropolitan Reporting. Matt Apuzzo, Adam Goldman, Chris Hawley and Eileen Sullivan collaborated on an investigation that showed the NYPD had built one of the largest domestic intelligence agencies in the country. The operations, conducted with advice and guidance from the Central Intelligence Agency, were secret until the AP series. The AP reporters documented how the NYPD assigned “rakers” and “mosque crawlers” to ethnic neighborhoods, infiltrating everything from booksellers and cafes to Muslim places of worship. The stories renewed debate over how far government should go and what tactics it should use to prevent another major terrorist attack in the United States. much more at link

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  • As New York police face the heat for arbitrary spying of citizens we ask if the US government will probe the matter.

    Aljazeera– An investigation has found further proof that the New York Police Department (NYPD) has been spying on citizens just based on their religion, Islam, and without any apparent evidence of criminal activity.
    story at link

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